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YMMV: Elantris
  • Magnificent Bastard: Hrathen.
  • What Could Have Been: Sanderson ended up changing several things from his original conception of the novel. Raoden was originally supposed to have been in Elantris for awhile, rather than a newcomer; he was originally supposed to have a younger brother "the Mad Prince" who would act as a supporting villain, but was cut for being largely extraneous to the novel (though Sanderson admitted to liking the character)- Telrii ended up taking over the meatier portions of his role; Hrathen was originally supposed to be a Dula who converted to Shu-Dereth and betrayed his own people to the Fjordell- this was changed because it undermined the ending of Hrathen's arc where the very Fjordell Hrathen turns against his people and his prophet-king to do what's right.

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