YMMV / El Eternauta

This work has a few controversial editions:


  • Anvilicious: The Second Part is extremely left wing oriented, showing a group of young gaucho-type futuristic cave dwellers fighting a despotic dictatorship of aliens with Juan Salvo as a Che Guevara-like charismatic leader. This doesn't apply for the original first work.
    • The original work was also somewhat left wing oriented, having in mind the protagonists are a small army (or guerrilla), fighting a bigger enemy army which is obeying the villain against it's will. Even if it's nowhere in the first part, Oesterheld's motto for the book was "el único héroe válido es el héroe en grupo, nunca el héroe individual, el héroe solo" ("the only true hero is the group-hero, never the individual hero, the lone hero)"''. All and all, the First part was a LOT more subtle than the second part (if you can call the it subtle at all).
  • Moral Event Horizon: Despite fighting an extermination war, the protagonists never torture or execute any enemy. As a matter of fact, being common and decent people, they always are plenty of moral concerns regarding their doings, and never think selfishly, even in the most dire situations.
    • However, in the Darker and Edgier sequel, Salvo makes a Face–Heel Turn, making his disregard to human life somewhat of a shock for the fans of the first part (and even for his comrades in-story).
  • Fridge Horror: The whole premise of the travelling through time and space seems really cool from the very beginning... If you don't think too hard on it. Due to messing with Eldritch Technologies, Juan Salvo becomes the Eternaut, the "Traveller of Eternity", travelling through time and space over and over. This mean that he was able to escape the likely complete extinction/enslavement of the human race, but he can't control this power. On the other hand, the same thing happened to Elena and Martita, his beloved wife and daughter, both also drifting through the many continuums of timespace together... hopefully. So Salvo faces the tragic condition of being Last of His Kind, knowing positively that his family is somewhere out there, jumping through time and space, facing the endless dangers and horrors of the universe on their own, with a infinitesimal chance of ever finding them. Needless to say, he holds onto the hope that he will find both, asking for them to every single creature he finds. And he finally does... In a way... or does he?. Don't ask me.
  • Nightmare Fuel: This comic was intended FOR KIDS?
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: While the original series is widely regarded as Made Of Awesome and even taught in schools in Argentina, the Second Part in comparison is considered inferior by many hardcore fans. The same thing is true for the 2000's in-universe sequels made by Solano López and Pablo Maiztegui, though it was a serious product and sold fairly well, itself a miracle given the Argentine economics.