YMMV: Ehrgeiz

  • Good Bad Bugs: Koji and Claire in Quest Mode have to be leveled up separately. Even if you just decide to focus on one of the characters, he/she dies permanently just before the final boss. However, instead of spending hours leveling up the second character, you could just go to the room where the first character died and repeatedly kick his/her corpse. Since the body doesn't disappear, every individual hit counts as a kill worth a ton of experience. However, you don't actually gain the levels until you leave the room.
  • Just Here For Cloud: Rare was the two-player matchup where people played the original cast.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Save Game Limits imposed upon you in the Forsaken Dungeon. Your saves cost money. The cost is 10 gold multiplied by your level. Do the math as you go deeper down.