YMMV: Egyptian Mythology

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Happened a lot in Egypt; each city and area seemed to have their own take on the Egyptian religion, so as a result there are several sun gods and many other gods whose jobs and areas of expertise overlap.
    • Also, over time as different cults would be influential in the capitol, various gods would be honored or vilified.
  • Complete Monster: Apep, more widely known in the West by his Greek name, Apophis, was the Egyptian God of Evil, and was associated with darkness, chaos, and destruction. Residing in the Underworld, Apophis took the form of a colossal snake, and every night, would attempt to devour the sun god Ra, as he made his way through the land of the dead, hoping to leave the world without light or life. During the day, while Ra was in the sky, Apophis would feed on those dead souls who were not properly protected against him, leading to their complete obliteration. His motives for doing so were that, as a primordial being associated with the dark, he hated the fact that there was a sun, or life on earth, and aimed to go back to the way things used to be. He was also the leader of armies of demons, and sought to subvert mortal confederates into aiding his nihilistic agenda. Reviled by all the other deities, including Set (who eventually took on the role of God of Evil), and universally loathed in Egypt, Apophis was the only god to have the distinction of never being prayed to. Instead, temples and ceremonies were set up to pray against him.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Anubis, in more modern times. For the common layman he may be the only Egyptian god they can name. Even though, while he was always among the major gods in ancient Egypt, he was by no means the most widely worshiped.
  • Foe Yay: In the original version of the myth, Set asserts his dominance over Horus by seducing him, getting him drunk, and then raping him. Egyptian attitudes to this story varied wildly, some using it as a justification for homophobia (since clearly only a Depraved Homosexual would do such a thing), and others telling a different version where Horus is totally not gay from the experience because he actually received Set's semen in his hands and not in his...you know.
    • And then there's the addition that Horus put some of his own semen on some of Set's favorite vegetables and invited him over for a snack. When Set tried to tell the other gods about last night's events, Horus told him to prove it by "calling" their respective ejaculate. Set's answered from wherever Horus wiped his hand off, and Horus's answered from Set's stomach.
    • Another interpretation of the myth is simply that Set and Horus were simply trying to outsmart each other, as this myth predates the demonization of Set, and that Horus let Set have sex with him for other purposes. The series of myths this story comes from includes several different contests that Set and Horus had with each other, the point of them being to see who was superior in order to decide who had claim to rule over both Lower and Upper Egypt. Set lost most of the contests due to his Chaotic Stupid nature, whereas Horus won most of them by outsmarting Set and making him look like an idiot.
  • Ugly Cute: Bes.