YMMV / Eden Eternal

  • Crack Is Cheaper: The awakened weapons and armors that are available after a player reaches 65. Depending on the economy and how well you earn gold, they're either really easy to deal with or a nightmare. During times of inflation, many were able to buy and complete them all with just a few weeks. In recent times though when prices have went down, most players resort to solely awakening only one set and one or two weapons. This can potentially be cranked up even more because later weapons and sets require you to have finished their lower-level counterparts on the same character.
  • Game-Breaker: Many players have noticed just how powerful the Engineer's skills of Super Iron Man and Black Explosive are when used on a Mimic.For further explanation... 
  • That One Attack: Unremovable damage-over-time attacks which stack and damage reflection buffs/debuffs. Made more annoying/challenging by the fact that most player interrupts all trigger the boss's Mercy Invincibility timer and the bosses can spam the attacks.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks / Broken Base: The Bard skill "Burning Metal" had been changed in a patch in Aeria Games' version, given a 2-second cast time from previously being instant-cast. As this change effectively changed its kiting abilities as well as its use in normal parties, many people were unhappy with this change, while just as many were happy about it since then other people couldn't 'exploit' it for said kiting abilities.
    • This became a serial escalation with subsequent additions to the game. The release of Mimic caused a wide amount of dissatisfaction as its mechanics rendered virtually every class save the Cleric obsolete or impractical to use in PvP environments.
    • The awakened classes were introduced as a method of countering the Mimic. However, upon Aeria Games' initial release of them, the Gravity Manipulator and Mecha Ares classes stood out as one-hit kill armies capable of holding their own against great numbers, both in PvE and PvP settings. Just like with Mimic, this led to massive bandwagoning in competition for "high scores."