YMMV / Eagles of Death Metal

  • Ending Fatigue: Nearly every song on their debut album has a fake ending. One song even has two.
  • Epic Riff: "Speaking in Tongues", "I Want You so Hard", "Wannabe in LA", "Cherry Cola", "I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)", and many many more.
  • Face of the Band: Josh Homme, obviously, but Jesse is fairly popular too.
  • Fandom Berserk Button: For the last time, they're NOT a death metal band, OK?!
  • Never Live It Down: Jesse Hughes accusing the Bataclan security of conspiring in the terrorist attack. He apologized later the same week, but that's not something people will ever forget. This also resulted in Hughes being banned from the club after it reopened a year later.
  • Song Association: "Speaking in Tongues" now and forever shall be linked to Supernatural.
  • Tear Jerker: The attack at the Bataclan on November 13, 2015. Even though they've survived the attack, what happened during that night will be with them for a long time.