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  • Accidental Innuendo - The rap portion of "Overdose" done by Chanyeol in the Korean version and Kris in the Chinese version
    • The innuendo is especially worse in the Chinese version
    • "The Star": Ima take you to a secret place/Drop the shades and crank the bass/Hey girl, you know how to play/(Come play with me)
  • Ambiguously Gay - There are some fans who believe Lu Han and Sehun actually gay or bisexual and in a relationship with each other. There are also many blogs on social networking sites such as Tumblr dedicated to talking about them and analyzing their friendship.
    • Other fans argue that SM has been staging Hunhan since the beginning of the group's formation by giving them matching hairstyles and clothes.
    • There was also a period of time in 2012 where Lu Han and Sehun would be given time to talk about their friendship with each other during interviews. As of Wolf era, interactions have become less common.
  • Base Breaker
    • Depending on who you are talking to, "Wolf" can come across as this, mainly because of its radically different concept, at least for those who enjoyed MAMA.
    • The fandom's inside jokes are either immensely loved, or hated with a passion.
    • Anything regarding the more popular ships, usually Hunhan.
    • Make fun of Kai's skin or Sehun's lisp. We dare you.
    • Kris' lawsuit to SM Entertainment and the public response to it. Many Koreans strongly disapprove of his decision, especially since it appears to be following in the footsteps of the departure of Han Geng from Super Junior while a faction of EXO fans did not approve of the way this affected the remaining members. On the other hand, his Chinese fans and International/Western fans are more sympathetic.
    • In mid-June 2014, it was confirmed that Baekhyun is dating Taeyeon. Reactions that most fans had ranged from happy for the two, to merely comically distraught, to posting hateful comments on their Instagrams, to suspicion that SM is making this up to make fans forget about Kris filing a lawsuit.
  • Contractual Purity: Subverted with Baekhyun as of June 2014.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Many of his fans who believe that Kris had been abused by SM now see his filing a lawsuit as this trope.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse/Face of the Band - Lu Han. Without a doubt, Lu Han is the most popular member of EXO. Not only is he featured in Chinese newspapers regularly, but was voted Asia's Most Handsome Man of 2013. He also has a lot of non-EXO fan supporters for being lead vocal, lead dancer, visual, and an all around nice guy. He's even starring in a movie called "Back to 20" soon this year.
  • Ear Worm
    • "Malhaeyo Mama, Mama!"
    • " Na eureurong eureurong eureurong dae.."
    • "Geurae wolf, naega wolf"
    • "I lost my mind..."
    • 365.
    • "Someone call the doctor"
  • Fandom Rivalry - Without a doubt, their biggest rival is B.A.P.
    • Both groups were candidates for MAMA 2012's Best Rookie Award, which lead to two months of fan wars and instances of Fan Dumb... only to have Busker Busker win.
    • Also with One Direction and Justin Bieber's fandom, after the MTV EMA Awards.
  • Harsher in Hindsight - The MV to Wolf has a skit where Kris leaves the pack (i.e. the other 11 members). Not even a year later, Kris files to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment, hence leaving the group.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Baekhyun mentioning that he wouldn't date until he was in is mid-thirties. This may not be so funny for some fans, though...
  • Memetic Mutation - Oh, yes.
    • "Maybe next time". Kris's catchphrase during the MAMA era.
    • "Enjoy the mayo". A supposed line in EXO-M's History, sung by Luhan around the beginning of the song.
    • "Roll like a buffalo". One of the lines in one version of "Two Moons"
    • "Yehet". A nonsense word from Sehun
    • "Kkaebsong", a nonsense word coined by Baekhyun during EXO's Showtime. Usually used during an awkward/shameful moment or situation.
    • This explains everything.
  • Moe: Lay. Also, Sehun, and Kai when he isn't Mr. Fanservice. Subverted with Lu Han, who might look it, but can pull some strange faces, and made a dirty joke in response to Lay's comment on Renren.
  • Narm - "I'll take you in one mouthful like cheese."
  • The Scrappy - Chanyeol has generated his own hatedom after a photoshopped picture of him insulting their seniors Girls' Generation and calling them ugly on Nate Pann circulated on Korean portal sites. He also gets a lot of criticism daily for poking fun of Kai's skin color, which made a lot of fans and non-fans think he was racist, although he did not mean it that way. Since Kai dislikes being teased about his skin color, Chanyeol has since stopped joking about it.
    • Poor, poor Sehun. In EXO's early days he was one of the least popular members, and even had a fan make fun of his lisp to his face. He has since gained more fans because of Hunhan, although some of his own fans call him lazy and useless on a regular basis. When a fan asked him if he knew about this, his face fell and he simply nodded.
    • Kris, after his announcement of the lawsuit for some fans.
    • EXO as a whole could be considered this to the entire K-Pop industry for several reasons including their crazy fans and their overexposure and comparatively quick rise to fame (which some believe is due to being from SM.)
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: "Angel", "Baby", "3.6.5.", and "Lucky", to name a few heartwarming ones.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass Some fans believe D.O. had done this a little bit, as he was seemed comparatively cheerful during the MAMA era as compared to around the Growl era. Justified, as stalkers had been harassing EXO since the beginning of their career, and were taking their antics to Serial Escalation levels.
  • Values Dissonance: Some fans believe that this may have been a factor in Kris filing a lawsuit towards SM. In North America, civil rights and artistic freedom are apparently more strongly emphasized than in Korea.
  • What The Hell, Costume Department? - Oh, yes.
  • What The Hell, Idol?
    • Chanyeol calling Girls' Generation "ugly" on one of his old posts on Cyworld. It was at this point that his Hatedom began to grow quickly.
    • Korean fans in general have this mindset towards Kris for appearing to leave SM and EXO.
    • Kai, after a pre-debut video of him swearing and saying "n***er" multiple times surfaced.

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