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YMMV: eRepublik
  • Alt-itis: Averted with a vengeance; this is one of a very few ways to get Killed Off for Real, and the most common by far.
    • That being said, you have to (1) get caught and (2) have the admin team ban you. Those two steps can take a very long time to do, and those alts can do massive damage in the mean time. For example, somebody created a ton of alts to rig a party leader election in eThailand. The alts were banned, but the results of the election were not overturned.
  • Broken Base: Not everyone was happy with V2. In fact, a massive spike in ragequit left a power vaccum.
  • Memetic Mutation
    • "Serbia is Kosovo"
    • "Poland cannot into space ;_;"
      • The origins of this one is contested with Krautchan's /int/, who used it as a running gag on the Polandball comics.
    • "Pertamaxxx!"
    • "Pride! Power! Pakistan!"
    • The Polish baby boom was partly caused by the popularity of a video on YouTube.
    • "Nie mogę ci pomóc, jestem koniem" (I can't help you, I'm a horse) and Poland being called "Horseland".
    • Glove Is Love.
  • Never Live It Down: Some countries will never catch a break.
    • Brazil's population boom came from Neopets.
    • Spain put their whole treasury into a company that was for sale for about 30 gold, and was subsequently bought by Hungary.
    • Ireland managing to get its military companies, depot of weapons, and ministry of defence banned in one fell swoop.
    • Iran declared war on Canada...and their President forgot to attack before the Canadians.
    • Russia failed to impeach their banned President.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Recently, the admins released the massively hyped V2. Result? The game's population is now the lowest it has been in years. Great success!

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