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YMMV: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Musha Gundam In Heero/Jerid/Master Asia's Original mode.
  • Catharsis Factor: Oh, so much. Especially because of all the explosions and robot body parts flying everywhere.
  • Demonic Spiders: the independently-launched funnels of Haman's Qubeley in the second game's Official mode. What makes them into significantly more pain in the ass than the funnels of the other boss suits that have them (the Nu Gundam, the Sazabi and the Alpha Azieru) is that they rapid-fire, stunlocking you almost instantly if you get hit. And did we mention that Haman is still attacking you in the meantime?
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The team-up of Domon, Zechs/Milliardo and Ple is quite popular with Gundam fans. If only for the sheer ridiculousness of the team members' antics and interactions.
    • The team-up of Yazan Gable and Gym Ghingnham have been very popular as well. So much so they, along with their respective mobile suits, received upgrades in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.
  • Foe Yay: One of Judau's lines, after defeating an enemy officer, delivered quite flirtatiously: "We gotta get together sometime after the war." And yes, he will say this to anyone, ranging from home series antagonist Haman Karn, to Domon Kasshu, to Ramba Ral. This was tweaked in the third game; now his line is "I hope to see you again - in peaceful times."
  • Game Breaker: Equipping the "Overdrive" skill on Wing Gundam Zero, God/Burning Gundam, Zeta Gundam or Turn A Gundam in the second game. Especially Turn A Gundam, which basically lets you run around nuking the field.note 
    • Two other skills include "Ace Pilot" which boosts base attack and defense by 10% every 100 kills, or 1 for every 10, and "Moonrace" which gives a random stat boost every 50 kills. Comboed with Overdrive and the right suit, and you can power up to insane levels if you take the time by clearing Mooks out before the bosses.
    • Master Gundam with "Overdrive" and "High Tension" can potentially 1HKO Ace Pilots.
    • Nu Gundam's most powerful charge attack is a 1HKO.
      • This was sadly nurfed in 3 though.
    • Strike Freedom Gundam. Its charge 5 attack is hardly ever blocked (even if the enemy was blocking before), and its charge 6 can instantly fill your SP bar when used on a group. This combined with SP Boosters like 'Overdrive' and 'High Tension' makes for a powerful combination.
    • Overdrive and Ace Pilot were made a lot harder to get in the third game. Fortunately Deathscythe Hell doesn't need either. Its charge 6 moves you into groups without taking you high off the ground, letting you charge up for a ground SP that's an instant unblockable KO; the bars you have only determine whether this applies to the ace in front of you or the 40 enemies around him too. And on the off chance you missed or didn't quite finish your kill, the cloaking device activates after that - and apparently that makes you invincible too.
    • Palace Athene doesn't have melee skills because it doesn't need them. C3 is ace-killer, C4 is good for crowd control and filling SP gauges. And as rank 2 MS it can use SP-attack three times in a row.
    • Heck, go back to the first game, Wing Zero was so over-powered in that game that it made every other unit look completely weak by comparison. Heck, after going through a story mode with a character in their unit, you could then switch to Wing Zero and easily get to 1000 kills, save allies that died, beat bosses that gave you trouble, ETC with little to no trouble at all, simply because Wing Zero's Buster Rifle had auto-piercing skills and could mow down rows of enemies easily.
    • Musha Gundam Mk2's Air SP has extremely high power that goes straight through anything, a great strategy for online.
    • in DWG3, The Double X and its air SP attack (which clears entire fields in one shot, and does the same to aces with 3 SP) makes online mode a joke.
      • Give the Double X the Giant Killer ability and the rank 4 combo enhancement and watch the health melt off Mobile Armors, even at max difficulty.
    • The Unicorn Gundam as well - its charge 6 attack basically lets it clear fields with a few blasts of the Beam Magnum, and using an SP Attack causes it to go into Destroy Mode and get boosts to damage and speed, as well as a changed moveset that's good at both one-on-one and field combat. Not to mention that it's one of the easiest Gundams to get unlocked since its principal pilot is one of the initially unlocked pilots.
      • Equip it with a Minovsky Drive, Long Reach, and Sniper, and its pilot with Serene Mind, One Man Army, and Ace Killer, and you get a combat monster unstoppable at any range, blindingly fast, which can spam Destroy Mode and has advantages over both fields of enemies and enemy Aces. (Overdrive is an acceptable sub for Serene Mind, because the Unicorn's combo SP is quite possibly the best such attack in the game.)
    • One that not a lot of people realize because of it's relative obscurity, but the GP 02's aeriel SP is essentially it's combo SP attack, only without the unnecissary bazooka-flailing. It launches a nuke right into the ground, for boatloads of instant, unblockable, high-coverage damage. At a level 3 charge, that attack can one-shot some enemy commanders. It's like an overdrive'd Turn A with way better combos, though it is much slower unless you slap a Speedster mod on it.
    • The Zeta Gundam in the second game is an utter terror against mobile armors. The half-circle Beam Spam its C6 attack fires already does significant damage to massed mooks but against mobile armors, each beam is considered to have hit individually - a point-blank attack against a knocked-down mobile armor takes off a good 40% or so of the target's health on Hard difficulty! And that's without any upgrades or pilot abilities; you just need to knock the mobile armor down with a well-timed smash attack then run up to it and blast away. Repeat three times: one dead mobile armor and one unscathed Zeta Gundam.
      • This can apply to any mobile suit that uses an attack with multiple beam shots. Equip it with Zero Range Shot (a very early equip that supercharges ranged attacks if they are fired point-blank), and mobile armors become a joke, even on the highest difficulty levels.
    • From DWG 4, the Full-Armor Unicorn, full stop. Essentially everything that is good about the regular Unicorn is dialed up to eleven. Pretty much all of its attacks involve copious amounts of Dakka, Beams, Missiles, or in the case of its Destroy Mode, all of the above.
  • Goddamned Bats: Doms, Rick Dias, and other bazooka-armed Mooks. Having a Mook suddenly knock you out of a combo with a dash attack is bad enough without them being able to do it from a distance. The missile mechanic thankfully got nerfed in the third game, though: not only can you swat down incoming missiles with a sword now, but they no longer knock you out of the air unless you're attacking.
    • Not to mention the Gundam Heads.
  • Ho Yay: Of the oddball crossover variety. For example, rescuing Seabook Arno from the bad guys, and hearing him gratefully remark, "My soul has drawn you here... or at least, that is what I want to believe." Glemy Toto's rescue lines are arguably even worse: they're the same ones he says when he falls in Love at First Sight with Roux!
    • And in the non-crossover category, Kira and Athrun's tendency toward long, soulful exchanges of dialogue. Possibly lampshaded in the following combination Special Attack dialogue:
      Scirocco: Women are the goddesses of war, wouldn't you agree?
      Athrun: How the hell should I know?
  • Narm: Ple's English actress, every time she tries to do Ple's iconic "Puru puru puru puru!" Though, as of the third game, she's improved somewhat. Not to mention her bizarre slip into a Texan drawl with the line "I'll cover y'all!" in the second game.
  • No Yay: Domon yelling about how no one can stand against the combined force of his and Master Asia's, err, "passion."note 
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Regenerative health in the third game. The new damage system allows for two types of damage - permanent "need an item to fix" damage and temporary "regeneratable" damage. Sounds great, right? Well, two things - one, it's given to every ace; and two, your damage to aces is usually about 1:5 permanent/regeneratable. What this means is that you can beat the living crap out of an ace, have to leave them before you can finish them due to a battle event, and come back to find the ace is back up to 80% health. It also makes the "chip away at a really tough ace" strategy useless, which goes a long way in making the Hard difficulty Knight Gundam That One Boss.
  • Squick: Ple often says things that sound rather precociously sexual, given that she's about eleven years old.
  • Stop Helping Me!:
    • In DW:G2, sometimes a giant mobile suit will be on your side in a battle. Finally! Sweet payback for all those David and Goliath battles you had to win by yourself! Or at least until you walk into your giant ally's Beam Spam and get nuked along with all the enemy mooks around you.
    • Or when part of your mission objective is to keep someone alive, and then they go into battle with a Mobile Armor with you, only to end up dying because the AI is stupid.
      • To be fair, it depends more on what they are listed as 'internally.' Much like Dynasty Warriors everyone still has their own 'AI' field (tactical, offensive, defensive, etc, just with more mixes to account for making their battle technique match their personality). Unfortunately it is invisible to you, the player. You can see this best when you compare Quess in the Azieru with Gyunei. Gyunei is an absolute monster (he'll tend to lose his own field because he kills so many of his own troops), while Quess is pretty weak and reserved when fighting. Gyunei is as dangerous to stand near as Lu Bu in DW even, if he's your ally. Yazan and Gym are equally dangerous when spawning in M As, thankfully very rare if you have unlocked Musha however.
    • Also, your allies will do things like kill-steal enemy aces from under you (especially when you're in a Zaku), rush up to you just as you're using an SP Attack (especially when your team attack is less fitting to the situation) and wipe out all the mooks milling around a Mobile Armor so you can't refill your SP Gauge. Thanks, guys.
    • In-universe example: if your relationship values with pilots are low and you save them, they'll say to you just that.
      • Well, frankly, Haman tends to say that to everyone but Judau. And she gets confused if Char or Papsmear Circus helps her.
  • That One Boss
    • In the first game, Haman Karn on Judau Ashta's Official route. It's his second (and last) mission, and his first in the ZZ Gundam, so you'll probably have a pilot level of six and MS level of two when you reach the last fight. You fight Haman four times, and she runs away the first three times, but that's not the worst part. In the first three fights, she gets continuous reinforcements of Mecha-Mooks you can kill for armor, buffs and SP recovery. The fourth fight? No reinforcements, and when you get her down to 25% armor, she fully recovers and Turns Red.
      • Also in the first game, if you did not level grind the Hyaku Shiki in Char's story mode, well, let's just say that Paptimus Scirocco and Haman Karn decide they hate you more than they hate each other. In between Qubeley's beams and The O's heavy hitting, you will find it HARD to fight back. In theory, Kamille should be helping you here, and if you can separate Haman and Scirocco he's capable of keeping them busy. If you aggro both before Kamille gets there, though, you're boned.
    • In the second game, the Dark/Devil Gundam. Sweet Jesus, the Dark/Devil Gundam. Especially when you have to use the low-level Mobile Suits. It's armed with several powerful beam attacks, has the ability to paralyze any pilot who tries to get in close, and is protected by a set of Gundam Heads. At the first tier, there are only 5. At the second tier, there are 8. At the highest tier, they burrow after you. On top of that, the only way to get the Dark/Devil Gundam's main body to power down (and therefore become vulnerable to damage) is to destroy one of its Gundam Heads first, which can only be damaged in any significant manner when they attack and also become vulnerable. This doesn't seem too bad at first until you realize they are only weakened for the duration of their attack, meaning that when you try to hit it you're more than likely to be knocked flat on your ass by said attack or the zillions of other beams that the other Gundam Heads and the Dark/Devil Gundam itself are already firing at you nonstop, making destroying but a single Gundam head an excercise in both patience and ability! Then, when you finally DO get the main body powered down, you are given a window of all of seven seconds to inflict as much damage as possible before the entire process repeats all over again. GAAAAHHH!
      • That is, until you realize that the Heads are just as vulnerable to smash attacks as any other mobile armor, taking massive damage and temporarily stunning them. Three or so smash attacks will kill a Head. The only real issue is the Dark Gundam being a Damage-Sponge Boss and the fact that the second tier's Beam Spam makes it harder to get at the Heads, a problem made obsolete by the final tier when the Heads come out of the dangerzone by themselves; once that happens, intentionally passing over a burrowed Head without stopping will make it resurface without hurting you, allowing you to smash attack it into oblivion.
    • This time in the Third Game, we have Knight Gundam. One thing to note : He has two modes. Normal and SP. Where he gains a flaming sword and new armor. At first he isn't really a threat. That is until you attempt to unlock his SP equipment. Granted, this has to be done on Hard Mode. But take this into consideration. You can defeat Both Musou Gundams, two Dark/Devil Gundams , Big Zam, Both Psycho Gundams and Two Quin Mantas with absolutely no problem on hard. Knight Gundam can one hit kill any mobile suit with defense less than 350 and can kill any suit with just 2 hits. Not even the game breaking skills of Little Giant, Ace Killer, Temptation, Overdrive, High Tension, Beginner's Aid , Final Sacrifice, Armor Gain, Pressure Hit, etc can chip away at him. The only thing you can do? Hope you can stun lock him to death.
      • The biggest problem is that because he's an ace, he has regenerative health, so you can't just chip away at his health, forcing you to take the offensive. However, the Serene Mind and Knockdown skills let you use SP Attacks without having to attack him and giving you a free shot at him afterwards (though he can cancel out of the powerdown, the cheap bastard.) This gives you a fighting chance against him.

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