YMMV / Dynamite Headdy

  • Awesome Music: Tons, but especially the epic final boss theme, and the cast theme. Nasty Gatekeeper's theme makes for a brilliant Oh, Crap! too. The tribute album Secret Bonus Point only makes it better.
  • Faux Symbolism: The four pink puppets that appear in the intro are named after the Four Evangelists, according to the Japanese ending credits (seen at about 2:11).
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • Dark Demon's "I CANNOT BELIEVE IT" upon beating a boss.
    • There's also "You got a secret bonus point!"
    • And finally, "You got another tryyyyy" upon getting another continue
  • That One Boss:
    • Baby Face, the boss of the Unexpected Shmup Level who in one phase puts you through laser hell while repeatedly reaching up to grab you with a hideous hand.
    • The Nasty Gatekeeper is introduced by having the level's friendly background fall piece by piece and shatter like panes of glass. Then, the Nasty Gatekeeper comes in and captures Heather, and goes right on to attacking Headdy while heavy metal plays. This boss fight is also a Difficulty Spike and is especially difficult to improvise against for new players.
    • Twin Freaks is an Advancing Boss of Doom through a course filled with spikes and walls that Headdy can be crushed against for a One-Hit KO. Machines on the course allow you the flip the whole thing upside-down, giving you the choice between a red, invincible, quickly-advancing boss, and a green, slower, vulnerable boss who constantly shoots erratically-moving enemies out of its ear.
  • That One Level: Act 8, Scene 3. "Fun Forgiven" isn't too hard; it has the game's first potential of being squished, which is a One-Hit KO, but careful movements can keep the risk of that to a minimum. Then at the end, it has a bunch of Hangmans flipping in and out of usability with spike pits below. Unless you know what you're doing, this part can be despairing to get through.
    • Act 5, Scene 2, "Stair Wars" can be a troublesome level for some, since trying to hit Trouble Bruin while attempting to rise up a tower where the screen is auto-scrolling is certainly easier said than done. There's also a lot of potential for fury if Bruin randomly decides to do the move that doesn't put him in danger a bunch of times in a row.
    • Act 9, Scene 1. "Fatal Contraption" refers to Trouble Bruin's new machine, but should be referring to the rising platform Headdy stands on. It's mostly reasonable in terms of skill required, but through most of it, in stark contrast to the rest of the game, one mistake will squish Headdy, killing him instantly and taking him back to the start of the scene. Picked up the Head Trip? Yeah, you're dead. Raised the wrong ceilings where the brown rock enemies hang out? Oops, you've trapped yourself. Didn't jump at just the right time for that zig-zag run with the spikes hanging above? Headdy will jump backwards when hit by the spike, and get squished. That's not all of it either.
  • Unwinnable by Insanity: On the first real level, you have to catch a nearby platform to be able to climb a wall. As seen here, if you bring the platform too far away from the ledge or the other platform, you won't be able to continue. You can't move the platform again, and, provided you killed the only enemy around, you can't kill yourself, forcing you to reset the game.