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YMMV: Due South
  • Base Breaker: the Ray Wars.
  • Creator's Pet: Ray Kowalski, who is praised by Welsh and Fraser for his wonderful service record in the Chicago PD, and is told by Fraser that he would be "proud to be his friend" not long after he and Fraser met. The actor was even hand-picked by Paul Gross to be Kowalski because he was Paul Gross's friend in Canada! And during Season 3, Ray Vecchio, by contrast, was believed to be corrupt and a murderer, probably to make Kowalski look even better.
    • In fan fiction, Kowalski is frequently a Marty Stu. Fanfiction writers tend to make Fraser and Ray Vecchio not perfect and dwell on their faults.
  • Fridge Logic: Fraser doesn't carry bullets in his gun because he doesn't have a gun permit. Wouldn't that mean he can't carry a gun at all in Chicago?
    • That is correct: an unloaded gun would still be seen as illegal under Chicago law. However, as a RCMP Officer, he would be permitted to carry a loaded firearm in the States. Fraser should have been well aware of this considering his familiarity with all the laws.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight Paul Gross, who in this movie played the Up to Eleven ideal version of a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, would later star in a Made-for-TV movie called Murder Most Likely, Based on a True Story about a crooked Mountie who may or may not have murdered his wife.
  • Hollywood Homely: Ray Vecchio is this, to some big-name fans. But some non-big-name fans believe he's more attractive than Kowalski.
  • Ho Yay, which led to m/m fanfic with Fraser and both Rays.
  • Magnificent Bastard: you just have to stand in awe to Victoria's plan: committing theft and murder while managing to leave no trace and frame Fraser and Ray for the whole thing
  • Retroactive Recognition: Also Hilarious in Hindsight: Fraser's partner is replaced by a cylon, and he's the only one to notice.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: Almost all of the fanfiction written today is Fraser/Kowalski, or has Fraser/Kowalski in the background. Fraser/Vecchio, and het and pure gen stories used to be more popular.
    • And F/K fanfic is often Gay Aesop, with Ray Vecchio and others being the disapproving homophobe(s) who need to learn a lesson

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