YMMV / Dual Survival

  • Dueling Shows: May become this with Man Woman Wild if the latter manages to catch on.
  • Ho Yay: Out the wazoo. In a particularly egregious example, during their stay in the Louisiana Bayou, Dave goes off while Cody "Plays Suzy Housewife Homemaker" and kills an alligator for supper. When he brings it back, Cody loses his temper for real for the first time in the show, because Dave could have gotten hurt, and goes off to sulk. In response, Dave cooks supper and apologetically offers it to Cody. Taking into account Dave's near-constant stream of "I worry about your feet"s and references to Cody as his "Hippie Housewife", and Cody's general soft-spokenness, despite being two ridiculously burly guys they manage to come off as having mounds of this.
    • In another episode while in the Laos Jungle, Cody is showing the viewers a type of root. After listing the main properties he also adds that it is an aphrodisiac. He then says don't tell dave but I'm going to put it in his drink. (paraphrased)
      • In another episode, Cody is showing a ginger-like root that's good for sea sickness and remarks that certain Polynesian cultures believe it to be an aphrodisiac. He then adds "I shouldn't have too much, or Dave might start looking like Davette."
    • This quote from a recent episode pretty much confirms that Dave and Cody have gotten past the awkward, are-people-going-to-think-we're-gay phase of the show and are full-blown exploiting their hoyay:
    Cody: So... I don't get to sleep in your hammock with you?
    Dave: Ohhh, Cody...
    • At a lecture, Cody has also been quoted as saying that he keeps his hair in pigtails because "Dave likes to tug on them", later remarking that "Dave is very sweet to [me]."
  • Squick: As with any good survival show, bugs are the main delicacy, especially for Cody. Dave is the voice of (un)reason, and will usually opt to go hunt for "somethin' furry" while Cody makes like a bear and uproots rotten trees and drinks larva-infested water. They thankfully leave out most of the more unnecessarily gross-for-the-sake-of-gross things that Bear Grylles does, however, not making the gross-out their main spectacle as much as their survival methods themselves— in which case sucking it up and eating grubs will probably ensure your survival more than attempting to go at it mano-e-mano with a gator.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: While Joe and Matt aren't viewed as replacement scrappies and do have a few fans, many prefer the earlier seasons with Cody and Dave more.