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YMMV: Driver: San Francisco
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: A driving game in a previously-realistic series with a Magic Realism Body Surfing element that's actually still realistic because they're Adventures in Comaland. Many previews or reviews opened with a brief discussion of how odd this mix was.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The menu theme which is a remix of the original Driver's theme, as well as the menu themes remix that plays once later in the game around chapter three, which also plays during the climax against Jericho.
    • U.N.K.L.E Eye For An Eye also counts, considering it plays during the final chase in reality, no boosting, ramming or shifting, just relying on your skills of the wheelman.
  • Genius Bonus: A very minor one but one of the armored trucks has the imprint of "Au Security" on it. Anyone who understands basic chemistry would know that Au is the chemical symbol of gold. Obviously something you'd keep in an armored truck.
  • Most Annoying Sound: With some passengers, Tanner doesn't respond to them. Most of their reactions to his driving are often fairly generic and forgettable, which makes them grating next to the other, more colorful passengers.
  • That One Level: There is one story mission somewhere in the 4th chapter where you have to drive from point A to point B. There are two major problems: The distance is insane, and worst of all, your enemy for this mission can also shift, i.e., he can hijack any car and ram it to your car to wreck it. Oh, and the nearer you are to the destination, the higher the chance that your enemy will hijack multiple cars at once. It gets worse later when this sort of mission is repeated.
    • Another mission involved having to return four, stolen vintage cars that were to be sold at an auction. The first two, a RUF CTR and a Lancia Stratos, aren't so bad, until you shift into a Lamborghini Jalpa which is severely beaten up by the person who stole it and any high speed crash will total it in one hit, while another involves an Aston Martin DB5 about to be traded off until you start running, causing the gang to chase after you. You're on strict time limit and you have to do all of the tasks over again if the time runs out or a car is totaled.

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