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YMMV: Dreamless
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Basically the whole point of the comic.
  • Fridge Horror: So they end up together. Happy Ending? Now wait a minute. Remember what happens when they sleep at the same time? Now they are probably going to do that frequently enough.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In the background of the story, Takashi goes through training in preparation for war, gets a surprise prostitute for his birthday, goes on outings with his family, goes on matchmaking dates and is eventually forced to be a kamikazi pilot bombing Pearl Harbour. Instead of following that, though, we follow Elenor, who doesn't even seem to notice WWII and has no personal life of her own.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Elenor is the only main female character and she is the one who gets deeply co-dependant in the relationship, making Takashi the centre of her universe to the utter exclusion of all else. Even as a child she sleeps all day just so she can see him and then nearly works herself to exhaustion so she can have a few minute phone conversation. This eventually culminates into the scene where Takashi lying to her so he could have some privacy nearly sends her into a breakdown and tells Takashi she would have killed herself if she saw who Takashi's confidant was. This could have been a good story about mental illness and the unhealthiness of such a mind-link, but the story presents this all as romantic and her behaviour as justified. When readers brought up the fact that Elenor was being manipulative and unhealthy by telling Takashi how she would have killed herself, Bobby Crosby went on a rant about how awful his lying was and how stupid he was to risk her life like that.

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