YMMV: Dreaming Of Sunshine

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Shikako's choices of which person combats each member of the Sound Four reeks of this, due to her knowledge of their skills.
      • Jirobou - Neji. He is Weak, but Skilled, and his individual skills make him the best fit for The Brute, who is Unskilled, but Strong in contrast.
      • Kidomaru - Ino, and Shikako herself. Shikako is a talented Guile Heroine to match his Evil Genius, and she works well with Ino due to their family techniques.
      • Tayuya - Shikamaru and Choji. Of all the Squad, they work together the best and can combine their Brains and Brawn qualities, which is important given she is the Four's second-strongest.
      • Sakon & Ukon - Naruto. He's the strongest of the Retrieval Team; also his Shadow Clones and improved strategic sense can both outmatch the twins and counter their unique Kekkei Genkai.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: About the only major criticism this story gets is that the plot hasn't changed much. Even though Shikako has good reasons for not wanting to try and change certain things, The Stations of the Canon have thus far been followed to an almost painful degree. Variations of each story arc basically partain to "things are a little better for the heroes", such that people are almost hoping for the Butterfly of Doom to kick in (despite Shikako's attempts to avert it), there isn't much original material (yet), and In Spite of a Nail (though lampshaded) is frustratingly in full effect). This may finally get a subversion with the story's version of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc.
    • When Chapter 62 was posted, the author revealed that the story's main goal was originally to explain many aspects of the plot and analyse the Shinobi World through an outsider's more developed insight (the changes came about more as the plot progressed). This might be why the protagonist is a Nara rather than from another Clan.
  • Tear Jerker: Ino's catatonic state in Chapter 62.