YMMV / Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • Broken Base:
    • Whether you like April or Zoe more is Serious Business.
    • The direction April's character arc took in Dreamfall has been controversial, to say the least. While some TLJ fans agreed with the writers that her attitude in Dreamfall is a realistic outcome of her sacrifices and traumas in the first game, others argue that the April from TLJ had enough mental resilience to work through them. Word of God back in 2008 was that the events immediately after TLJ are crucial to understanding the massive change in her character... too bad that they've never revealed said events, and likely never will, now that TLJ Home has been effectively canceled.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The whole soundtrack is a standout, especially if you like Trance music, but Magnet's "Be With You" is a stand-out.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why are elite state-sanctioned Azadi assassins called "Apostles", when there is nothing particularly Christian about their missions? Because "apostle" means simply "messenger" in Ancient Greek, and as such, can refer both to peaceful missionaries and to CIA-like overseas assassins.
  • Fridge Horror: When Zoë returns to Casablanca at the end of the game, she can stop by Olivia's store to find that it's closed, and Olivia is never spoken to again in the game. Dreamfall Chapters reveals That Olivia was killed in an "accident" - meaning she might have died before the events of Dreamfall are over.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Some fans feel the romance between Zoe and Damien was forced into the plot.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The combat and stealth sections. Ignoring the question of whether someone playing an Adventure Game would want to do those sort of things, and whether they count as padding, the combat is slow and unresponsive but can forced through by mashing the heavy attack button, and the game is finicky about what makes a sound when you step on it in the stealth segments.
  • Squick: The entire scene where Zoe meets Alvin Peats. Really, the scene was awkward enough when he wasn't talking.
  • That One Level: The Necropolis section is so convoluted and confusing (not to mention being populated by enemies who can One-Hit Kill April if the spot her), even the original developers themselves had enormous trouble getting through it. Thankfully, there exists a Golden Path through it.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Azadi people are the followers of religion, and one of its defining features is the necessity to fight the unbelievers. Well, damn me if that doesn't sound familiar. What really drives the analogy home, though, is their architecture style.
  • The Woobie: Zoë. When we first meet her, she's looking for a purpose in her life, since college allegedly didn't work out for her very well. We see across the course of the game, her friends text her and tell her to come back to college in South Africa. She broke up with Reza, but cares enough about him to help out with his work. Over the course of the game, we see her and another man fall in love with each other, and we never figure out what happens to him. Then the ending...
    • April Ryan. The entire last game was building up to the fact that she will be the next Guardian, but things turned out to be the complete opposite. And now April is roaming Arcadia without any purpose, with a traumatic experience that makes her no good, unable to go back home, unable to find her peace and having lost many of her friends and dear ones. And just when she may have found someone she may be able to trust, comes the ending...
    • Once you've learned about Faith backstory and have see her dying, you'll never stop crying. Ever.