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YMMV: Dreamfall Chapters
  • Acceptable Political Targets: There are four different political parties mentioned: The Marxists are considered well intentioned, but far too radical and fringe to appeal to the mainstream voter; Kostanin is A Nazi by Any Other Name; Dietrich Gross, the incumbent conservative, has little to no chance of getting re-elected as his party has been plagued by corruption scandals and has been largely blamed for Europolis' economic problems, but he is also considered "boring" (and the fact that he's a white man is brought up against him). The person Zoe supports is Lea Uminska, the only one treated positively, who is the democratic socialist. As this is a European game, it's hardly surprising.
  • Anvilicious: Okay, okay, we get it: Social Democrats good, right-wingers bad.
    • Word of God suggests it won't hold true throughout the game: "Dreamfall Chapters is NOT preaching any particular political ideology and that will become apparent as the story progresses. There are good things and bad things about both the right and the left... and the middle."
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Pretty much Mira's character. She's extremely antagonistic, to the point where she thinks Wit is faking his autism, but she's so over the top about it that it comes off as entertaining rather than insulting.
  • Memetic Mutation: Cannon stroking is a popular one among the fanbaseExplanation .
  • Most Annoying Sound: During the brief interlude when you're playing as Saga, when you hold down the "Run" key, Saga will run and make baby noises. Since you walk very slowly, most people will instinctively hold down the key.
  • Player Punch: In the very beginning, April's funeral. With a start like this, this story can only end well.
    • For some, the deaths of Damien Cavanaugh (and how he was framed for the Dreammachine fiasco) and Olivia de Marco (because she knew too much are quite harsh.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Many fans are very vocal about the main character ZoŽ now having a nose piercing. The developers are considering to give the player the option whether wearing it or not.
    • She doesn't have one in Chapter 1, so it could be a case of fan backlash.
  • Special Effect Failure: The game looks beautiful, especially on modern computers. Despite this, the characters' hair is rendered as a stiff piece - and this can lead to some rather embarrassing mishaps such as ZoŽ's hair clipping through her clothes.
    • The scene with a confrontation is unintentionally hilarious for several reasons: First off, the goons are holding a man's arms behind his back, and his fingers clip through them. Then a man, if ZoŽ chooses to interfere, will speak to her in Cantonese. His cane is visibly clipping into his shoulder and a humorous glitch can happen where his mouth doesn't open when he talks.
  • The Woobie: Zoe tells her story at the very beginning of the game. She uncovered a conspiracy and her own mother, Helena Chang, put her into a coma. Zoe's had months to come to terms with it, but it's still pretty raw for her. She's also lost Olivia (her best friend) and Damien (her partner and romantic love interest after Reza.)

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