YMMV / Dragon Prince

  • Complete Monster:
    • High Prince Roelstra is a petty, cruel Evil Prince with a very high level of depravity. After murdering his father at the tender age of eight, he ascends to Princemarch's throne and used his position to play other princes against each other for his own amusement, nearly causing several wars. When his request for a Sunrunner was refused he trapped and addicted one to drugs, then slowly cut off the Sunrunner's supply of drugs when he ceased to be useful. He then attempted to use these drugs to enslave and rape another Sunrunner, Sioned, and when he fails burns his mistress Palila alive and banishes two of his children, one being a newborn. When we next hear about him he has cornered the market on the only medicine to a plague and only supplies it when enough of his rivals have died of it. When he enters a war with his greatest rival left alive, Rohan, he salts a battlefield after losing a battle out of spite.
    • Princess Ianthe, Roelstra's daughter, is a cruel and heartless woman, and just as vile as her father. She causes several of the events that lead to Palila being burned alive and her sisters being exiled simply because she didn't like them. She then concocts a plan with her father to kidnap, drug, and rape Rohan to make her son heir to the Desert. When his wife, Sioned, comes to rescue him she locks her in a lightless room and has her guards rape her for a month straight. When she finally lets them go, she releases them into the desert with only a little water and no food.
    • Mireva, a sorceress from the mountains, is a bitter and power-hungry woman. Prior to the events of the story, she introduced drugs to Palila that kickstarted several of Roelstra's villainous acts. She helps Ianthe's sons escape the fire she dies in and trains them into her tools to try to conquer the world with. While orchestrating these plots, she enslaves a princess with a mirror, forcing her to raise an army to try to invade Princemarch, which would cause the death of hundreds of people, if not more. She kidnaps a princess named Ruala with latent sorcerer powers to use as a power source and tries to blackmail another prince to do the same to him. As part of this plot she also impersonates a princess and rapes Rohan's son Pol, then has one of Ianthe's sons nearly rape the princess disguised as Pol. She also threatened to murder two children due to wanting revenge on a Sunrunner.