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YMMV: Dragon Nest
  • Abridged Arena Array: The level 40 patch gives us the Dark Overlord Training Camp which had a Good Bad Bug allowing for Sequence Breaking Speed Runs. This became a popular training spot for Super Speed classes like Warriors and Archers but it made Mighty Glacier Clerics Tier Induced Scrappies as a result. Needless to say, it spawned MASSIVE Flame Wars between Clerics and everyone else in the SEA server.
  • Base Breaker: The Abridged Arena Array mentioned above.
  • Demonic Spiders: The game is widely praised for giving most enemy types unique movesets rather than just swinging their weapons like in other Korean MMOs but you'll sometimes find yourself wishing the devs hadn't bothered.
    • Dark Elf Assassins have a very fast attack that launches you into the air, setting you up for a series of hits that juggle you. The Dark Elves also like to flip around in order to avoid your attacks. Thankfully, they were eventually nerfed.
    • All Mage-type Brethren enemies. If you don't kill them before everything else, you're going to be in trouble.
      • Ice Mages appear in groups and use Area-of-Effect ice spells that will freeze you and usually are accompanied by other enemies that will do some serious damage to you while you're frozen.
      • Shamans are just as annoying as their Ice Mage cousins due to them using lightning attacks that electrocute and raising fallen goblins. Oh, and they aren't stupid; they will teleport further away to start spamming lightning again if you manage to get close to them.
      • Summoners are watered down versions of the Force User class with weaker versions of the some player abilities. They also come in packs.
      • Fire Mages will summon Gargoyles (the same type of enemy as a previous boss) and continually blanket the area in flames if left to their own devices.
    • The Sword Master's hurricane attack has been commented on several times in the article. Harpies use it as part of their A.I. Roulette. When you meet these guys the first time, you can't evade air attacks yet, so you will get juggled.
    • Orc Shamans. They avert the Squishy Wizard trope hard by dishing out damage with their clubs and to be more annoying, they have shields, which you have to waste a good amount of time to break first in order to actually attack them. Did we mention they heal other monsters? Or the fact that a bunch of them spawn with the Orc Boss (that already has a boatload of HP to begin with), meaning that you'll spend most of the fight trying to kill them rather than the actual boss? The phrase "Shoot the Medic First" cannot be stressed enough.
    • Hobgoblins are a thorn in the sides of many a player, with their annoyingly powerful bite and their surprising bursts of speed make hitting them akin to trying to hit smoke. They'll have no problem hitting you though, as they strike and pull off combos just as fast as they suddenly move.
    • The Ghouls' primary strategy of attack is to jump on you and start biting you repeatedly and have an affinity of ganging up on you, which means that the chance of getting up after being jumped and bitten by one only to be jumped and bitten by another one repeatedly is very likely. And that's not even mentioning the Moss Ghouls (who poison you if they bite you), Shaman Ghouls (who use ice attacks that freeze you on contact and then bite you when you're frozen) and Bomber Ghouls (When they have low health, they become suicide bombers and start running at you and shaking uncontrollably before exploding).
    • Assault Goblins set fire to themselves and charge the PC, who will burn if hit. Not too annoying by themselves, except that there's usually an entire wave of them and they tend act in support of some of the abovementioned examples. The good thing is that their charges distance them from their stronger allies, so they should be eliminated ASAP before they get a chance to stagger the PC into something nastier.
    • Kobold Bombers throw multiple bombs around the area, that when explode do minor damage, but have the annoying side effect of burning. Like Assault Goblins, they're found in waves and support other Demonic Spider enemies (Altea help you if you're unfortunate enough to find them acting as support for Assault Goblins).
    • Wisps are like bats in that they are hard to hit due to size, but with much higher health. Their attacks, while doing low damage, can knock back players more often and frequently stop a skill from casting. Every type of Wisp has one or more signature abilities:
      • Ash Wisps can charge into and through the player, dealing a chain of hits that keeps restarting the character's stagger animation. They were eventually nerfed so that they can't hit the player as much.
      • Water Wisps have a long ranged magic attack and the ability to heal every enemy in a certain radius.
      • Grass Wisps can bury themselves in the ground to root the player, from which there is no escape until the attack finishes.
      • Ice Wisps can chill the player, slowing movement, attacks and skills considerably.
    • Kobold Artillery. Better be on your feet and take these guys out fast when they appear, because they will barrage you with cannonballs that knock you down every time. Worse in Cerberus Hell, where they are in an unreachable spot and can't be taken out. Fortunately, other monsters are not Friendly Fire Proof to them, so a skilled player can lure them into shooting other monsters.
    • Suffice it to say most monsters could appear on this list or Goddamned Bats.
  • Fan Nickname: Gladus Tek Ma, for the Cleric's Block spell, as well as the Sorceress' two Anti-Magic spells.
  • Foe Yay: Warrior Trainer Chandler and Typhoon Krag (see Ho Yay below). Sadly, it passes down to Typhoon Krag's son and Chandler's I-am-not-your-disciple (who happens to be the Player Character).
  • Game Breaker: The rise of the Paladin class in the SEA server is attributed to the power of Gladus Tek Ma, basically a Counter Attack buff, and Paladins have THREE of these, enough to practically make them Attack Reflectors. And that's only one of their basic class skills. At level 40, they gain access to Super Mode, practically making already Mighty Glacier Paladins virtually unkillable. No wonder the Chinese and Korean servers soft-banned the Paladin's Super Mode to ensure balance.
    • Hell, the Paladin class itself was so much of a Game Breaker during the first half of the level 32 patch that nine of them got into the top 10 of the PvP ladder in one of the SEA servers.
    • Also, the Swordmaster's Cyclone Slash, which can juggle its target For Massive Damage. At higher levels (and in one of their third job classes), this melee class gains a variety of Sword Beams, which mostly avert the Short-Range Long-Range Weapon situation endemic to this game. Think about this for a moment.
    • The Elementalist Class has TWO GLADUS TEK MA SHIELDS that can be toggled. The best part? It prevents the caster from flinching when taking a hit, so she can take almost anything that comes her way without getting interrupted while casting her spells. That and you just got for yourself a Squishy Wizard who can tank like a Stone Wall.
      • Dragon Nest China players have a gentleman's agreement to not use this skill along with a few others, but if you are a Jerk Ass or a foreigner who can't read Chinese and use it anyway, you can defeat players twenty levels higher than you. Needless to say, ELs now enjoy the same PvP dominance Paladins used to have as mentioned above.
    • The Mercenary is largely resistant to interruption (he can be completely resistant for 8 seconds with one of his buffs), has a large HP pool and does massive damage per hit in an equally massive area on most of his skills. He has a fast sprinting ability as well.
    • The HP and Mana suffixes have a 25% chance to restore a percentage of the player's maximum whenever a hit is taken and with a mere 5 seconds of cooldown they trigger almost all the time. Characters with a large enough point pool and multiple gear pieces with either suffix will often leave an encounter with more points than they had going in even if they don't use potions or collect food. Since these attributes are the result of a recent balance patch they are unlikely to be changed any time soon.
    • Elementalists in PvE freeze an opponent as many as 3 times as each freeze increases the damage dealt by 50%, for a total of 338%, then cast Fiery Vortex (~2550% Magic Damage) on it For Massive Damage which can take out almost anything in one shot.
    • Because of how the A.I. works (they target who or what has done the most damage to them), a priest can drop a relic and get the attention of any and every enemy in the immediate area, as long as the priest himself and his party don't attack, and they can sit back and watch as they keep biting at the relic until they die. Because of the relic's fast cooldown, a lonely priest can reduce almost every boss to a silly fool. This does not work against the boss of Minotaur Nest.
  • Goddamned Bats: Bats in this game usually only take one or two hits to go down but appear in swarms, are quick, and fly around erratically making them rather annoying to hit.
    • The tarantulas will avoid you endlessly.
  • Good Bad Bugs: The Harsh suffix (bleeding damage-over-time) used to lack a cooldown despite having a rather long one in its description, allowing fast attackers like crossbow Archers to stack the debuff endlessly and vaporize both Mighty Glaciers and Damage Sponge Bosses in no time flat. This has apparently been fixed in a recent patch along with a general rebalancing of prefixes and suffixes.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Warrior Trainer Chandler and his.. "Rival" Typhoon Krag.
    Chandler: I still remember the feel of his breath against my cheek as our weapons clashed for the first time...
    Player Character: Too much information. TOO MUCH INFORMATION!
    • If you are good friends with Sorceress Stella, she will ask you on your opinion on Warrior Rodingo. One of the answers you can give is "I have a crush on him!" even if you are playing as a Warrior or Cleric.
  • Les Yay: If you're playing as an Archer or a Sorceress, you may not want to know what Argenta did to you.
    • Similar to Ho Yay, Stella will ask you on your opinion of Archer Isillien. You can also reply that you have a crush on her, even when playing as a Sorceress or Archer.
  • Memetic Mutation: GLADUS TEK MA!
    • It all started here. The Dragon Nest SEA community started this phrase as a meme in their forums. Soon after being accepted as a meme, forum members are starting to put "GLADUS TEK MA" in their signatures, and later, it became a viral hit in the forums. "GLADUS TEK MA!" is probably the Mondegreen of "Goddess protect me!" (if you're using the English voicebanks or playing the NA version).
  • Mondegreen
    • The aforementioned GLADUS TEK MA.
    • HOLY SHIT SWING for Mercenary's Punishing Swing attack.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The way the Sorceress crawls around after being knocked down is disturbing.
    • In Dark Overlord Keep, you actually get to see Brethren summoners kill captured Saint Haven troops and resurrect them as dark skeletons. It's surprisingly graphic.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Some players think that the devs perceive the Mystic / Force User class as a Game Breaker so they keep hitting it with the Nerfbat HARD. First, they decreased its base damage output, then they increased the casting time of Mystic spells. But what really takes the cake is the nerfing of Time Stop's effect duration in PvP.
    • To put it in perspective, 2.75 seconds at the Level 32 Patch is just not enough time to get shit done. Why? Because other classes can dodge it like it's nothing and Warriors can now buff their way out of it. As a result, the Force User Class becomes the weakest class in PvP, the most difficult class to play as, and the most expensive class to maintain.
    • Even when the Force User class gets massive buffs in the 4th Class Transformation patch, other classes get buffed to ridiculously higher levels, too. So for some people, the Force User buff is just not good enough, but at least Force User players now don't have to work as hard as before.
    • Clerics in PvE became this trope in the level 40 patch with the release of the Dark Overlord Training Camp due to their Mighty Glacier status. Well, fine, except that a lot of players from the level 24 patch have played as Paladins due to their Game Breaker status in Pv P, leaving them wasting hours upon hours of searching for DOTC parties instead of just soloing the nest themselves until some Nice Guy offers them a slot in the party despite being slow as a turtle.
  • That One Boss: Quite a few examples, the massive ones in particular. Most have at least incredibly durable Super Armor (Knock Back immunity) and multi-hit attacks with gigantic hit boxes. Others bring a sizable number of minions despite being far more powerful than the average Flunky Boss. On harder difficulties the smaller bosses are cloned as well.
    • The Minotaur boss (Sleeper's Temple) can sometimes fall into this territory if you're not careful.
    • Chubaka the Ogre of Road of No Return may have slow, telegraphed attacks, but thanks to his respectable attack power, his club having much more range than it should and having support in the form of Dark Elves, you might find yourself as a ghost if he gets the opportunity to combo you.
    • Saslavan the Manticore of Prayer's Retreat can become this, due to him deciding to begin spamming an attack where he flies straight up into the air, where your character will have trouble hitting him, then drop straight back down, creating a shock wave. This wave isn't easy to dodge, requiring strict timing to avoid. He also has a huge amount of health compared to other bosses of his level.
  • Ugly Cute: Poochums.

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