YMMV / DragonForce

YMMV tropes related to the video game

  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Goldark's theme, a slow, ominous march that manages to sound grand and melancholy at the same time.
    • The "Apostles of Darkness" theme deserves a mention: a quiet, ominous melody that builds slowly into a magnificent crescendo that fits perfectly with their battles (which can be extremely intense and harrowing if you're new to the game, and even if you exploit every last weakness they have, the last battle with them can still come quite close).
    • The battle with Madruk's One-Winged Angel form uses a remix of the game's opening theme, making your monarch's Finishing Move that much more awesome.
  • Fridge Brilliance - The manual states that Beasts get a serious terrain penalty in snow, and Harpies get a similar terrain penalty in forests. Why? Beasts wear only a Loin Cloth (and are jungle natives), so they can't perform well when they're freezing their asses off; Harpies are clearly flying troops, which would find it hard to maneuver in an enclosed forest!
  • Game-Breaker: Dragon troops (but not the generals). They're good against everything except other dragons (Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors obviously does not come into play in a mirror match), and Samurai (their only weakness).
    • Actually, Mages are pretty effective against dragons as well, if utilized properly. A good way to take them out is to put the mages on standby mode, then have a general (usually a Spirit User/Magician/Priest) cast a spell with a long cast time. Then watch as the mages continue to shoot while the melee troops can do nothing but move for the entire duration.
      • Harpies on standby mode also fare well against dragons that are moving around the battlefield. Since troops on standby get to attack first, this gives them a slight advantage. Doubly so because Harpies have the fastest attack speed of all troops.
    • Not so much a general game breaker, but in the early game, if you can keep your other fronts defended in Leon's campaign, a savvy player can abuse the fact that cavalry troops (a Fandaria staple) are weak to monks (of which Topaz has many), and practically wipe Fandaria off the map from the get-go!
    • Averted during the final battle against Madruk, where he doesn't seem to be weak against any particular troop type (he doesn't have his own troops, thankfully). However, shooters (Mages & Archers) tend to perform terribly against him.
      • In a way, the entire final battle seems to avert this, with the exception of Gaul, who uses Dragons. Scythe uses a unique troop type (sirens? ghosts?) that isn't covered in the manual, and Katmando fights solo, like Madruk.
    • Cinna of Tristan is a borderline case. His/Her starter spell, Flame Cannon, has a power rating of *only* 5 (compared to 10 for other Magician generals), meaning that it consumes very little of the Power Bar (see Cooldown on the main page), and incurs a very short Cooldown. Cinna can effectively spam this spell to burn down an enemy general in the blink of an eye. Oh, and Cinna's Flame Cannons still do the same damage as other Magicians' do.
    • Uryll. A Succubus general (who begins in Reinhart's army) who starts out commanding Dragons. Get her to level 5, and she learns the spell Resurrection. Said spell costs only 2 mana, and Uryll gets rather impressive mana growth as a Succubus general (she starts with 8 mana at level 1!). Altogether, this allows you to flood any enemy with Elite Mooks until they drop dead or time runs out. The hard part is getting her on your side, of course (unless you play as Reinhart).
  • Narm - When casting Sonic Boom, some generals will yell out "Behold, the BOOM of DOOM!" Exceptionally cringe-worthy...
  • No Export for You -The PS 2 remake, much to many gamers' dismay...
  • Spoiled by the Format - There are eight member of the Dragon Force and eight rulers, is it any wonder that Goldark turns out not to be the villain and is the last member of the Dragon Force?
  • That One Boss:
    • Zanon. Oh dear Astea, Zanon. The guy has tons of MP, takes only 1hp of damage from regular troop attacks, and can wipe out entire armies all by himself. Oh, and his Evil Weapon heals him to full health after every battle, even if he retreats.
    • Ryskym, thanks to his huge mana pool, will constantly resurrect his zombies time after time after time...though, unlike Zanon, he isn't that tough in combat.
    • Zado, for the similar reasons to Zanon, plus having an army of 100 dragons.
  • Tear Jerker - Zanon's end really takes the cake. After many battles, Yuri, one of Zanon's closest friends, realizes that Eclisis is turning Zanon from a Blood Knight into an all-out Ax-Crazy, murderous psychopath. He attempts a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! via Cooldown Hug while Zanon's in the middle of a rant, and it goes about as well as you'd expect. This drives Zanon over the Despair Event Horizon, as he comes to terms with his addiction to Eclisis' power, and he finally defies its control via suicide by stabbing himself with the Evil Weapon.
  • Woolseyism - In classic Working Designs style.

YMMV tropes related to the music band

  • Awesome Music: Some of their other stuff is held in dispute, but some of their songs such as "Cry Thunder" are absolutely glorious.
  • Base Breaker: Marc replacing ZP is already causing signs of this to appear despite the fact that his voice isn't actually bad at all on its own merits.
  • Covered Up: "Strike of the Ninja", on Ultra Beatdown, is a cover of a song originally recorded in 2000 by Shadow Warriors, a Theart/Totman gag band (heavy metal ninjas).
  • Drinking Game: Pick one of the following and take a drink every time it appears in a song: glory, fire, starlight, dawn, tears, fury, evil, pain or forever (more). Pick more than one if you're feeling brave.
    • No human could possibly drink that fast... could they?
    • By the end of it there'd be accusations of people digitally speeding up their drinking in the studio.
  • Face of the Band: Herman Li. An unusual case given that he is neither the lead singer nor the main songwriter. Even so, he's the most well known member of the band due to his over-the-top guitar solos and his unique look.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Like many Power Metal bands, DragonForce is big in Japan.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Sometime after Inhuman Rampage was released, somebody made a video for DragonForce's Greatest Hits album as a joke. Come 2016, a real Greatest Hits album was made, named Killer Elite.
  • Internet Backdraft: There must be some internet rule that every YouTube video of a power metal band must have more comments attacking DragonForce than talking about the band in the actual video.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Seemingly averted at first when "Through the Fire and Flames" was announced for Guitar Hero III with fans celebrating its inclusion, then the game was released. Presumedly because it did boost their sales.
    • The band's first three albums received generally positive reviews from the power metal community, and the band was believed to have a bright future. The Guitar Hero spotlight changed all that. Oops.
      • If you only know TTFAF, or found them through Guitar Hero, do not mention that to a long-time fan.
  • Memetic Badass: Herman Li.
  • Memetic Mutation: The solo from "Fury of the Storm" is part of this ancient YTMND meme about The Iron Chef eating the fuck out of a bell pepper.
    • DragonForce drinking games, which involve choosing a handful of words (fire and sword are usually among them) and taking a shot every time you hear them over the course of an album.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Herman and/or Marc depending on one's tastes.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Seems to be invoked with "Curse of Darkness", which opens with a riff much like the opening of "Bloody Tears", from Castlevania; if taken within that context, the lyrics are Dracula's own Villain Song.
  • Tear Jerker: A lot of their songs' lyrics can invoke this if you strip away the upbeat guitar wailing. But Trail Of Broken Hearts is a rare case where the song's slower tempo lets it sink in.
    Fly away down the lonely roads of yesterday
    We close our eyes to see the light of brigther days
    And all alone we'll be where time can never heal
    With the trail of broken hearts flying free...
  • That One Boss: "Through the Fire and Flames", the Bonus Boss of Guitar Hero 3, is widely considered to be the most difficult song in the series. No member of the band has beaten it on "Hard" difficulty.
    • There's also a DLC pack consisting of three additional DragonForce songs ("Operation Ground and Pound", "Revolution Deathsquad", and "Heroes of Our Time"), which are sure to elicit all manner of delighted exclamations from determined Guitar Hero fans everywhere.
    • And now, with the inclusion of "Fury of the Storm" in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, there will no doubt be many more smashed plastic guitars.
    • Serial Escalation: If you think that's bad, add drums, vocals, and bass (if it's even really bass!) in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. Wonder how many controllers will be trashed?
      • Actually, "Through the Fire and Flames" is meant to be easier in Smash Hits.
      • Plus the bass track for "Through the Fire and Flames" in Smash Hits is actually really easy to get through. The guitarist and the drummer might be having a hard time, but the bassist is pretty set as long as he can double-strum the controller.
      • Harmonix announces Through The Fire And Flames with PRO Guitar for Rock Band 3 DLC.
      • When Operation Ground and Pound got released on Rock Band 3, It was actually harder than its original Guitar Hero DLC counterpart.
    • Although "TTFAF" appears on GITADORA, it uses a 2-minute cut, and the series already has its share of Those Many Bosses so it doesn't particularly stand out as much, other than being "that song that is TOB in Guitar Hero."