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YMMV: Dragon Age: Inquisition
aka: Dragon Age III Inquisition
  • Broken Base: Such is the Bioware fan way, from romance options to the new moles on Morrigan's face, the base is splintered more than a tree through a wood shredder. Time (and the game's release) will tell if they have any merit or longevity. David Gaider revealing that there are no plans for The Warden to be in the game caused perhaps the biggest one.
  • Ear Worm: The developer created remix of "Mulatto Butts" known as "Qunari Butts" is quite catchy despite only being one lyric; "Vashoth-ass mama! Sten-ass daddy!"
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: For the various possible race/gender/class combinations of the Inquisitor, the Female Qunari Mage has become a fan favorite.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Iron Bull and Dorian is a popular pairing.
  • He Really Can Act: Most fans have been pleasantly surprised by Freddie Prinze Jr.'s range in his role of Iron Bull, after having voiced James Vega of Mass Effect 3 with his normal speaking voice.
  • Internet Backdraft: Pretty much every announcement of a character with an exclusively monosexual romance path caused complaints from more...vocal members of the Bioware fanbase who were hoping to romance them without changing the gender of their Inquisitor.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The Nice Hats worn by Vivienne and the Inquisitor have become rather popular on the Bioware forums.
    • Cassandra's constant stabbing of any books and maps that are within arm's reach;
      "Cassandra Pentaghast: Protecting the world from a variety of inanimate objects since DA2"
    • After the PAX Demo had Cassandra demonstrate the ability to break into a Keep by demolishing its door with her shield, this has lead to several jokes about her being a human battering ram and one woman siege weapon.
    • Varric's chest hair, continuing the Running Gag from the previous game.
      Bioware: 'Something, something, chest hair.
    • After BioWare said they weren't making any Monty Python jokes after tiring themselves out in real life (Specifically, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" from Flying Circus.), fans have started doing them.
    • Aaryn Flynn's reaction to the E3 trailers.
      "All the feels, ungh!"
      • Has now received a Fandom Nod from the devs as of the video showcasing character and item creation.
    • Iron Bull's convincing argument for elf tossing.
    • The fact that a jar of bees is now a throwable weapon. And apparently works on everything. And when used causes a status ailment simply called "bees".
    • The mantra of people planning to romance the Iron Bull:
      "Ride the bull!"
      • Now joined by the motto of the Blackwallmancers:
      "Scale the wall!"
      • And Cassandra:
      "Storm the Casstle!"
      • And Sera:
      "Sing the Seranade!"

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