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YMMV: Dragon Age: Inquisition
aka: Dragon Age III Inquisition
  • Base Breaker:
    • The revelation that Sera being a Gay Option only has been particularly divisive. Some players, particularly those intending to play as a male elf, were very upset with this news, some even arguing that she should be straight/bi to help "repopulate the elven race" while others range from neutral to pleased with the decision.
      • On the flip side, Solas not being a Gay Option set people off claiming that Bioware was being Oppressive to the LGBT community.
    • Cole has split the fanbase between those who'd rather not work with a spirit/demon and the self-styled "Dad/Momquisition" who seek to serve as parent figures to his child-like mind, plus the usual moderates and the "Haven't read Asunder" subgroup. The split has even spilled into the Sera fandom, since she refuses to talk to "it" - the "Parentquisition" sees it as bullying, while the naysayers and moderates think she's justified.
    • Dorian being a Gay Option as well- mainly because some people think David Gaider's speech on how Dorian's homosexuality hasn't stopped him being a badass means that they're going to rely on him being gay as a character trait.
    • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Iron Bull. Some like his voice, others think he's trying to do a Sean Connery impression while gargling water.
    • Leliana's new attitude. Some don't like that the formerly sweet companion has become an Ice Queen, even if it is justified by events. Others prefer it, so it mostly depends on how one liked her in Origins.
    • The Elven Inquisitor became one when it was revealed that they were a Dalish Elf. While Dalish fans are obviously happy at the idea, they still feel uneasy about being allied with such a strong pro-Chantry presence in Leliana and Cassandra. Meanwhile, fans who aren't too big on the Dalish bemoan the lack of a City or Circle Mage Elf Inquisitor.
  • Broken Base: Such is the Bioware fan way, from romance options to the new moles on Morrigan's face, the base is splintered more than a tree through a wood shredder.
    • There is a notable amount of BioWare fans still skeptical of this game, following a string of polarizing events in the company. The main three being Dragon Age II being perceived as a disappointment, Mass Effect 3's' controversial ending and Star Wars: The Old Republic
    • Some fans are disappointed and growing nervous because of the focus on strategy, a more open world and pretty environments in the promos at the detriment of gameplay, story and characters. Some argue that there is plenty of time for that still, the game being planned for Fall 2014. Others respond that it's still only a handful of months, and time presses on. Of course, on the other hand some think they're showcasing characters and story too much, again, at the expense of gameplay. So there's at least one point of agreement amongst fans.
    • An interview referencing characters having 'set sexualities' (and it was left ambiguous as to what exactly this means in the interview) set things off between those who favor all-bi love interests versus gender-exclusive romances again, this being an argument that started back in Dragon Age II.
    • Reactions to the individual class specializations (most revealed by file-mining the icons) has ranged from positive to outrage. While nearly everything has had its share, the mage has it worst: no familiar specializations at all, with Blood Magic removed entirely and Spirit Healing's status is unknown. The new Necromancer and Rift Mage specializations are complete unknowns, and the Knight Enchanter sounds like a revamped Arcane Warrior, which has its own broken base due to being one of the largest Game Breaker characters in BioWare history.
      • On the flip side, many were disappointed by the warrior specializations as they have no new options at all, which some find to be boring.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • While Blackwall's status as a love interest hasn't been confirmed, Blackwall/female dwarven inquisitor is a very popular ship, largely due to Big Name Fan Aimo drawing it.
    • Iron Bull and Dorian is another popular pairing.
  • He Really Can Act: Most fans have been pleasantly surprised by Freddie Prinze Jr.'s range in his role of Iron Bull, after having voiced James Vega of Mass Effect 3 with his normal speaking voice.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The Nice Hats worn by Vivienne and the Inquisitor have become rather popular on the Bioware forums.
    • Cassandra's constant stabbing of any books and maps that are within arm's reach;
      "Cassandra Pentaghast: Protecting the world from a variety of inanimate objects since DA2"
    • After the PAX Demo had Cassandra demonstrate the ability to break into a Keep by demolishing its door with her shield, this has lead to several jokes about her being a human battering ram and one woman siege weapon.
    • Varric's chest hair, continuing the Running Gag from the previous game.
      Bioware: 'Something, something, chest hair.
    • After BioWare said they weren't making any Monty Python jokes after tiring themselves out in real life (Specifically, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" from Flying Circus.), fans have started doing them.
    • Aaryn Flynn's reaction to the E3 trailers.
    "All the feels, ungh!"
    • Has now received a Fandom Nod from the devs as of the video showcasing character and item creation.
    • The fact that a jar of bees is now a throwable weapon. And apparently works on everything.
    • The mantra of people planning to romance the Iron Bull:
    "Ride the bull!"
  • Level Breaker: Leliana's Cold-Blooded Torture at the hands of the Venatori is undermined by showing her without a hair out of place.

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