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YMMV: Dracula the Un-dead
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Dracula is a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, and everything he did in the original novel is Retconned to be self-defense, the lesser of two evils or just plain libel that Bram Stoker invented.
  • Blatant Lies: Dacre Stoker claimed he was trying to reclaim the franchise from the film adaptations... and then followed the film adaptations rather than the original novel, making his Fan Sequel nothing more than yet another reinterpretation of the original novel.
  • Die for Our Ship: Jonathan is killed early in the book, and Mina goes gaga for Dracula. An in-universe example perhaps?
  • Lost in Imitation: This book is more consistent with film adaptations that the original novel, from vampires burning in sunlight to Mina and Dracula being in love.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Dacre Stoker reinterprets Mina's traumatic metaphorical rape in the original novel as a forbidden romance.
    • Also, Bram Stoker is killed by Dracula. In a book written by his great-grand nephew. Come to your own conclusions.
  • What an Idiot: Van Helsing. His views on Dracula have almost done a complete 180-degree turn between the end of the original novel and the start of this one, but he never apologizes for his error to other characters, nor even admits to it until they've already found out about his omission. When he reveals that he has been turned into a vampire, we get to see his point of view to make it clear that he's still himself and not really trying to hurt his former friends, except maybe for being drunk on power, but everything he does from then on just happens to look like Demonic Possession.

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