YMMV / Dracula: Prince of Darkness

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Father Sandor is the resident vampire expert for this movie, replacing the absent Van Helsing, but he also exhibits some curious incompetence when it comes to actually dealing with them. At the beginning he expresses contempt for the peasants’ superstitions, even though he knows vampires are a real force in the world. (He knows Dracula was destroyed ten years ago, so he thinks the danger is past, but he still warns the Kents not to go to Karlsbad. Presumably he thought there was a chance they'd be pulled into some scheme to bring Dracula back, but how did he know someone else hadn't already done that?) Later on, when Charles is concerned that Dracula will follow them to the monastery, Sandor pronounces that “unlikely” and says that even if he did it would be “impossible” for him to enter. Shortly thereafter Dracula finds a way to do exactly that. And at the end, he doesn’t seem to think there’s anything he can do to prevent Dracula from overpowering and killing Charles, and it falls to Diana to do something that demonstrates Dracula is still vulnerable.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Charles and Diana.