YMMV / Don't Say a Word

  • Complete Monster: Patrick Koster is the violent, short-tempered leader of a gang of professional robbers. He starts the movie by stealing a precious gemstone but he gets double-crossed by two of his men who escape with it. Wanting desperately to retrieve the gemstone, he starts committing various cruel crimes. He kills Russ, one of the members who betrayed him, by pushing in front of a subway train without even giving him the time to answer where the gemstone is, and does this in front of the victim's distraught daughter Elisabeth, shocking her for life and making her severely mentally unstable. He kidnaps Jessie, the daughter of child psychiatrist Dr. Nathan Conrad, in order to force him to obtain a six digit number (Russ's tombstone where the gemstone is hidden) from the now-grown-up Elisabeth. It's also revealed that Koster long before kidnapped the girlfriend of Nathan's co-worker Dr. Sachs in order force him to acquire the number from Elisabeth, but he had her killed by breaking her neck even if the time he gave to Sachs hadn't passed yet. When Koster confronts Elisabeth he taunts her about her father's death. Even after having what he wanted he orders Nathan, Elisabeth and Jessie to be killed anyway. He kills one of his men simply For the Evulz after Nathan during a fight refused to kill him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: To get Aggie to calm down - as well as to distract her from the fact Jessie's in the apartment below - Patrick tells her to watch TV, and says, "Try HBO", which, of course, is the home of Game of Thrones, which Sean Bean starred in.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I'll never tell."