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YMMV: Dokapon Kingdom
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Princess Penny the true power behind the throne, using her buffoonish father as a Puppet King?
    • Dr. Exiles is really a kindly doctor taking desperate measures to cure the kingdom of its biggest malady: Greed. The real reason he was exiled from the kingdom was because his value of health over money was seen as destructive to the status quo. By constantly charging exorbitant amounts of money regardless of his patients' level of wellness he hopes to expose the ridiculousness of living one's life solely for financial gain and shows people that there is life without money by forcing them to go without.
    • Leane uses her innocent, village girl image as a facade for drug trafficking. She continually pops up asking players to deliver parcels of food to different towns, but every item - including a full pizza - is presented in a pouch too small to carry what she claims it to be. Some of the "meal" names get pretty exotic, too.
      • Seriously, replace her introduction with, "Hey buddy, wanna make some money?" and the whole thing takes on a different tone.
  • Designated Hero: The Player Characters would often do things that made them end up as this in order to win. This includes: sending thieves and assassins against the competition, robbing shops, attacking towns, Kill Stealing, and not delivering items from a little girl like they promised to.
  • Game Breaker: The Alchemist class can multiply useful items at random, and its Alchemy ability allows you to rack up ridiculous amounts of money. They have small inventories to compensate, but it doesn't help much.
    • The game also provides an intentional Game Breaker in the Darkling class, which exists solely so that the player in last place can screw over everyone else as badly as they've been screwed.
      • The Darkling class, if paired with a co-operative player, results in someone getting Game Breaker equipment for the rest of the game without having to worry about the equipment reverting. Of course, if four people are cooperating together, high-level players will throw fights against low-level players JUST to even out the levels.
      • Even better when the Darkling isn't co-operative, and simply got punched out by a Crazy-Prepared rival.
      • The darkling class will also remove all debt, in journey at least. Depending on how things go and when you get it, the class may just allow you to completely ruin the other players. Of course, it was designed for that purpose - and can be especially satisfying against Hard CPU opponents.
  • Les Yay: Female heroes are just as motivated by the Standard Hero Reward as the male heroes, and if a girl does win, Penny does not mind the idea of marrying the other girl.
  • Nightmare Fuel: If a girl wins, the girl and Princess Penny are fine with marrying, but the King notes that they can't publicly marry two girls. So, the wedding scene plays out with the King in bride's wedding gown(!)
    • "Hey, kid! Wanna see some magic?"
  • Sequel Displacement: This series started in 1994 on the Super Famicom and played like it does today, though its first Western release was a spinoff on the Game Boy Advance.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Hundred World Story, a still-older party-boardgame-RPG for the original Famicom.

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