YMMV / Doctor Who S33 E13 "The Name of the Doctor"


  • Expy: The Whisperman were obviously inspired by Slenderman.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The whispermen... yikes!
    • Strax's reversion to his original Sontaran nature was pretty horrifying, considering his normal comedic Boisterous Bruiser persona.
    • When the Paternoster Gang are in a dream seance teleconference with Clara and River, and Jenny realizes first that someone is in the house with her while she's unconcious and helpless, and then that she's been murdered.
  • Special Effects Failure: In the scenes where Clara is superimposed onto Stock Footage of other Doctors, particularly the really early footage, the modern footage of Clara really sticks out. The footage of the Second Doctor running through the park also is noticeably cut-and-pasted. Averted with the First Doctor sequence, which actually works quite well.
  • Tear Jerker: A few.
    • The Doctor, trying to remain brave for Clara, but clearly wanting to break down and cry (and, indeed, doing so), in their conversation about Trenzalore.
    • Vastra when Jenny and Strax are dead. Even though it's fairly obvious they will be restored, Neve Mcintosh's performance really sells it.
    • And when the Doctor is on the floor of the dead TARDIS, in pain and murmuring "no, don't". *ugly sobbing noises*
    • At the time this episode aired it was widely assumed, given Matt Smith was leaving, that this would likely be the final appearance of River Song, giving their final kiss added poignancy.