YMMV / Doctor Who S12 E2 "The Ark in Space"

  • Growing the Beard: This regarded as where the Tom Baker era hit its stride and really established what Robert Holmes and Phillip Hinchcliffe wanted to do with the series.
  • Narm: The scare factor is somewhat muted by the bubble wrap.
  • Special Effects Failure: Everything, but especially the green bubble wrap. At the time bubble wrap was too new an invention to be instantly recognizable, so they didn't really make an effort to disguise it.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: Faced with glaringly bright sets, a new Doctor who, while good, hadn't quite found his feet in the role yet, a very plasticy alien and a Body Horror Virus made out of packaging material, Kenton Moore as Noah plays his role so passionately and convincingly that he turns a cliffhanger of him taking his hand out of his pocket to reveal it's wrapped in green bubble wrap from Narm to the sofa-chewing Nightmare Fuel of a man enduring a slow and excruciating transformation into a creeping wasp monster. Tom Baker's performance of a Patrick Stewart Speech in the first episode is also very strong and does a lot to show what the then-new Doctor can do.