YMMV: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

  • Adaptation Displacement: Easily the most popular Puyo Puyo game outside of Japan. Just visit any of the major Puyo Puyo videos on YouTube and see how many commenters point out the similarities between the game in question and Mean Bean Machine. In comparison, Kirby's Avalanche is much less known (though still popular in its own right), while the English arcade Puyo Puyo is so obscure that some believe that it is fake based on MAME initially only having bootleg-derived ROMs available.
  • Awesome Music: Most of the tracks in the game are great, but the Stage 1-4 theme is particularly catchy.
  • Good Bad Bug: The game retains a bug from the arcade Puyo Puyo (and its nearly arcade-perfect Mega Drive port) that prevents AI opponents from manual dropping beans if the D-Pad is held down on a second controller.
    • Setting the console or emulator's region to Japanese during gameplay unlocks an omitted sound test in the options screen.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This games provides a few example of this. This was the AOSTH verison of Dr. Robotnik who starred in this game (and became the Robotnik design used in most of Europe). He is currently well known as one of the most popular characters of YouTube Poop due to his infamous quote, "Snooping as usual, I see". Also Complie, the company who co-developed this game, created and owned the Puyo Puyo franchise until they went bankrupt in 2001 and ended up giving the franchise to Sega, who currently has Sonic Team working on the games. Guess what other franchise Sonic Team owns?
    • Also, this wouldn't be the last game in the Sonic franchise based on a cartoon.
    • Hell, this wouldn't even be the last time Sonic and Puyo Puyo crossed over
    • Skweel looks a lot like Patrick Star, even though this game came out 6 years before that show.
    • The whole point of the retool was because SEGA didn't think Western gamers would take to the Madou Monogatari aesthetic of the original game. While Puyo Puyo is still somewhat obscure in the West, it has sold some titles here unedited and garnered a fan base from exports, while Mean Bean Machine's cosmetics likely dumbfound anyone outside veteran gamers who grew up watching Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The game not only has some tweaked music from the original Puyo Puyo but seems to take a few notes from Kraftwerk. The Stage 9-12 theme in particular sounds like an off key "Home Computer" (and it's actually toned down from the original premix).
  • That One Boss: Scratch is the last opponent before Robotnik, and he blatantly admits to cheating during the match.
  • They Just Didn't Care: While the 8 bit version is based on a decent Puyo Puyo engine gameplay wise, the graphics are atrocious. Most of the character portraits are scribble-like, the menus are very basic, and many bells and whistles that were present in the original Puzlow Kids version such as the victory fireworks and some of the music tracks from the Mega Drive rendition are inexplicably removed here.
    • While the 16 bit version is a far more polished re-skin, it still has the odd sloppy detail (only one background recycled throughout, all the opponents' status boxes reading 'DR R' rather than their individual name, Beginner Course and Sound Test's unlocking procedure omitted). More debatably omitting Arle's role in cutscenes and rehashing the blatantly not robotic Carbuncle as 'Has Bean' may also count (for whatever reason the developers seemed persistent Sonic wasn't appearing).

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Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine