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YMMV: Dr. Phil
  • Bile Fascination: Dr. Phil frequently has guests on his show that don't have any problem at all, but simply look funny or have an inordinary lifestyle that he seems to gawk at, such as people in plural marriages, or men with many piercings and tattoos on their body, for no other reason than for the audience to snicker and judge them for being comfortable with themselves. To be fair, a lot of these people have e-mailed themselves requesting that they want to be on the show to alert the world that people like them aren't weirdos. A recent example of this was an infantilist. This was the whole idea behind the appearance of one woman who was essentially the biggest and certainly whiniest bitch in the world. She mocked her own very autistic cousin because she doesn't like that the girl doesn't understand her unless she speaks simply and she drools, and felt we shouldn't have handicapped parking spots so close to the doors because she wants those spots and all hanidcapped people got that way by driving drunk. It was It's All About Me and for some it broke the suspension of disbelief and they wondered if she was just trolling Phil and everyone else.

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