YMMV / Doctor Octopus

  • Complete Monster:
    • Spider-Man: Global War: Doctor Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus himself, starts his plot to Take Over the World by stealing parts of a secret Department of Defense program which will allow missiles to be launched without revealing the location, Doc Ock uses a rocket to cause an EMP to hit much of the Western Hemisphere, something in itself likely causing countless deaths. This is only for starters. Doc Ock plans to use a second rocket—nuclear-tippled—to strike near the capital of Latveria. Doc Ock has been secretly aiding Latveria's own nuclear program, and, with the help of a Latverian spy whose family he had kidnapped, had been feeding Doctor Doom's paranoia. Once the second rocket strikes near the Latverian capital, Doc Ock predicts Doom—not being able to discover from where the rocket was launched—will respond by firing nukes in all directions. The rest of the world—which, thanks to the EMP, won't be able to communicate with Doom—will have to counter-attack. Doom will lose, but the rest of the world will be devastated. From this, Doc Ock—having taken refuge underground—will emerge as the savior of mankind and its ruler. This version of Doctor Octopus was willing to cause tens of millions of deaths just so he could rule the world.
    • The version from Spider-Man: Noir stands in stark contrast to his occasionally noble 616 counterpart. Born a cripple, Octavius used his genius to create mechanical limbs to compensate. Also a follower and worshiper of the Nazi philosophy, Octavius kidnaps innocent black men, knowing the police won't devote much effort to their disappearances and practices horrific experiments on them, that kill them or leave them drooling vegetables. He displays no remorse for this whatsoever, viewing them as less than human. He isn't above straight murder when it suits his purposes, either.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: His original outfit, while iconic, combines a bad haircut, garish green-and-yellow color scheme, and portly build.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dan Slott's interpretation during the latter part of the Big Time run and the entirety of Superior Spider-Man.
  • Magnificent Bastard: He's one of Spidey's smartest foes and while he's often too smug and arrogant for his own good, Octavious nonetheless has a number of feats under his belt that are both magnificent and bastardly. Story arcs such as The Master Planner and Ends of the Earth/Superior Spider-Man demonstrate that he is a true Chessmaster when he wants to be and the latter even sees him outright defeat Spider-Man and pull a successful Grand Theft Me on his arch-enemy. Beyond that, the man is a bona-fide genius inventor and world-renowned expert in the field of nuclear physics, as well as one of the toughest opponents for Spider-Man to beat in a fight- in fact, in their very first encounter he actually beat Spider-Man in a fight, and it wasn't the last time he'd do that either.