YMMV: Doc Martin

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Martin realises that Louisa has a malformation in her brain that no other doctor has spotted. He rushes to the airport and stops her flying to Spain (which would have caused the malformation to bleed) and when she is about to undergo surgery, the very young surgeon is both nervous and star-struck by Martin. Not trusting him to perform the operation, Martin locks him in a cupboard and performs the operation himself. He does it with the utmost professionalism despite the patient being his wife and it's a complete success. When his fear of blood inevitably flares up during the surgery, he takes a few seconds to vomit into a bin, goes back to the operating table, and carries on after first ordering someone to change the bin.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Martin locking the nervous surgeon from the Crowning Moment of Awesome in a cupboard.
    Martin: Would you step in here for moment please?
    *The surgeon does so*
    Surgeon: Is this one of those relaxation things?
    *Martin grabs a mop from the cupboard, shuts the doors, and shoves the mop through the handles to jam it shut.
    Martin: (Deadpan) No.
  • Grows the Beard: Getting rid of Elaine Denham improved the show immensely.
  • Ho Yay: Surprisingly, between Martin and PC Penhale. In the episode with Penhale's brother, Penhale runs around Martin's office and hugs the Doc while shirtless. Later that same episode, Penhale gives Martin a present and mentions their "special relationship."
  • Recycled: The Series: Kind of an odd example. A character, played by Clunes appeared in a film Saving Grace and later two prequel miniseries. In making this series, the character was given a Re Tool with Doctor Jerk added to the character (who was originally just a Fish out of Water), and his last name was changed to Ellingham (an anagram of the last name of the show's writer Dominic Minghella).
  • Replacement Scrappy: Penhale in place of Mylow. While Mylow wasn't brilliant, he was still good at his job, friendly, and generally likable. Penhale is down another ten IQ points, narcoleptic, and unable to effectively do his job due to agoraphobia. He also introduces himself to multiple nicer characters by assuming they've committed some sort of crime.
  • The Woobie: Martin, sometimes becomes one especially when his parents are involved.