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YMMV: Do the Right Thing
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Basically, the whole damn movie is an exercise on what each viewer interprets each character's actions and intentions as. A primary one being Mookie's motivation for throwing that trashcan. To redirect the mob's rage and save Sal's life? To vent his own rage over Radio Raheem's death? If he was trying to vent, why didn't he join in on the actual rioting and looting with the other black people?
    • "I wanna clear up something once and for all," says Spike Lee in a new commentary track on the 20th anniversary DVD of "Do the Right Thing". "Mookie did not throw the garbage can through the window to divert the mob from jumping on Sal". Mookie, the delivery guy who works for Sal and is played by Lee, "threw the garbage can through the window because he just saw one of his best friends get murdered in cold blood by NYPD."
    • Pino. An unapologetic racist and a bully? Or a hypocritical, insecure young man whose Italian friends make fun of him for working in a black neighborhood that, in turn, barely tolerates him only because he's Sal's son?
    • Spike Lee said Sal was a racist. Speaking of Sal, is his relationship with Mookie's sister romantic, or parental?
  • Award Snub: No Best Picture or Best Director nominations. Aggravated by Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, who each found it to be the best film of 1989.
    • Kim Basinger famously went off script during the Academy Awards that year, bashing the Academy for not nominating the film.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The insult montage, shown right after Mookie questions Pino on his racism. It should be insulting, but the degree to which the two of them insult each other quickly stops being offensive and starts being funny within the first few seconds.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Radio Raheem's death through Police Brutality is similar to what happened in a police brutality case in 1991 at Los Angeles with Rodney King, a black man brutally beaten up by the cops. While Rodney King did survive the beatings, the Riots that followed (which was a much larger scale riot than the riot from the film) was considered to be one of the worst racial riots in United States history to the point that the National Guard was called in.
    • In the film, a general store owned by a Korean man, Sonny, was spared during the riot as he pulls a famous Not So Different line with the black rioters stating the Koreans too suffered racial discrimination in America.note  Sadly, most of the businesses and stores destroyed during the riots were owned by Korean-Americans themselves. Because of this, the riots created a lot of racial tensions between black people and Korean-Americans in Los Angeles. Even today, if you meet up any Korean or African-American in Los Angeles (particularly the older generation that lived through the said riots), chances are many of them hold some negative grudges and stereotypical views towards each other.
    • In-Universe example: At the end of Sal's first scene he jokingly says, "I'm gonna kill somebody today." The statement's a little harsh, but he certainly did not mean it. The words become haunting when Sal "kills" Radio Raheem's radio, which causes Radio Raheem to attack Sal, which leads to the altercation in the streets, which leads to the death of Radio Raheem at the hands of a police officer. While Sal is not the only character who can be blamed for this tragedy, it can at least be said that he (along with Buggin' Out) helped kill someone.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Sal explaining to Pino that he has no issue with black people, that they've supported him for decades and he's proud that people in the neighborhood have grown up on his pizza. The mood is broken when Smiley shows up and Pino starts picking on him, but still.
  • Hype Backlash: Although the movie was intended to be a love letter to Brooklyn and help bring its plight to the world stage, residents of the real neighborhood it was filmed in were not amused at being forced to move out so that the set crew could paint their apartment buildings strange colors and knock down ancient buildings to create 'realistic' sets. They also had issues with the whole "fairytale" feeling of the movie's first act, feeling it cheapened their daily struggle.
  • Hypocritical Humor: A dark example. Mookie shows up the day after the riot to collect his money (which he didn't earn) from the pizza store owner, after Mookie incited the riot which cost him his business.
  • Magnum Opus: Considered by many to be one of, if not Spike Lee's best film.
  • Narm: It can be hard to take the movie seriously after you've seen the opening credits.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Everyone.
  • Too Cool to Live: Radio Raheem.
    • Too Dumb to Live: The whole incident could have been avoided if he wasn't such a hothead.

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