YMMV: Distorted Travesty

Subjective tropes in Distorted Travesty:

  • Best Boss Ever: The final boss. It may not be as hard as the boss before it, but it is much more epic.
    • Not to mention the hacker battle between Jeremy and Hexor going on at the same time that keeps messing with the stage and Jerry's stats.
    • Copy X also qualifies, with brilliant music and challenging but manageable attacks.
  • Best Level Ever: The final level, due to your Eleventh Hour Superpower.
    • Metropolis is also pretty great, due to giving you the X Buster and containing almost nothing but Mega Man shout-outs.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: After Jerry has a Poor Communication Kills moment:
    Jeremy: Failed diplomacy check.
    • Also, the constant banter between Jeremy and Hexor in the final battle.
    • After Jerry has his Internal Monologue at the end of the game, Jeremy breaks the dramatic mood by saying "You suck at monologues."
    • The Demon Cursor boss fight. Tough as it is, you're still fighting a possessed Windows mouse cursor flinging windows and assaulting you with text while epic orchestral music plays in the background. And just to make things more ridiculous, Jeremy slaps a picture of an anime girl surrounded by sheep onto the background to mess with Jerry.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The BGM for Black Rock Fortress and the overworld BGM after The Darkness takes over. Also, every single battle theme.
  • Fridge Brilliance: After completing the four bosses of Metropolis, a gateway to fight 'Mr. X' appears. Since it was Wily's alias in Mega Man 6 games, most people wouldn't think anything of it. Who's the boss? An X clone.
  • Goddamned Bats: Each area has some kind of them, for example, the Hideout has Aero Scanners. Conversed with the 'Moles' (falling drills) of the Mega Man area.
  • Nightmare Retardant: The goofy enemies prevent the first Distortion from being a full-blown Bleak Level.
    • The Distortion Reckoning would be the stuff of nightmares if it weren't for the humorous banter exchanged by Jerry and Hexor for the entire level.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Some players find the story to not be very well-written, but most agree the actual gameplay elements are very well done.
  • That One Boss: The Quick Time Distorter, Necrobane, Ultimate Phalanx, the Shroud Lord, and any boss on Distorted.
  • That One Level: The Black Rock Fortress.
    • The map titled "Think and act fast" in the Secured Data Segment. It takes Corridor Cubbyhole Run Up to Eleven, and if you die, you have to start the entire thing all over again. "You have to be quick" a while ago was bad enough, but this... Additionally, odds are you are short on healing items due to the plenty of tough enemies before. Have fun warping out and doing the last few already hard rooms again.
    • The Spire of Forgotten Souls is brutal even by the Bonus Dungeon standards. Normally, if you die, you get to restart at the beginning of the level. Not in the Spire! You get kicked back to the beginning of a five-level set, and the slightest mistake leads to certain disaster. Have fun doing the first 3-4 levels dozens of times just to get to the part that's actually giving you trouble! Oh, and the whole thing's a Timed Mission to top it off.
    • The Interface Screw room in Distortion Windows. The caption says that you're going to hate the author for it, and he's absolutely right. The screen rotates left and right as you move, easily reaching a 90-degree angle and beyond, while the game window (you get kicked back to Windowed Mode if you're on full-screen) moves left and right along with it. Add to that a switch hunt (one of which is guaranteed to end up off-screen and unseeable thanks to the screen rotation,) bottomless pits, lots and lots of enemies that can't be hurt by anything but one element, and the whole "guiding a mouse cursor to move windows to use as platforms" gimmick present throughout the level (while the cursor is rock-stupid and will almost always grab the window you don't want it too,) and it's nigh impossible to finish the room without wanting to punch the author in the face. Right after your neck stops hurting.
      • Note that this one can be avoided simply by placing down an Earth Shift rock and running against it. As the window tilts left and right according to your movement, even running up against a rock will cause it to change. Window getting too lopsided, just run against a rock for a bit, and you'll sort it out.
  • That One Sidequest: Getting the skill crystals in the Unexpected Shmup Levels requires you to be really good at Bullet Hell games (Touhou in particular.) If you aren't? Well tough shit.

Subjective tropes in The Sequel To The Prequel:

  • Even Better Sequel: Claire is far more mobile and maneuverable than Jerry, and the controls are greatly simplified and streamlined (while the previous game had so many buttons that you couldn't map them all to a controller, which is kind of a problem for a Nintendo Hard action-platformer.)
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Claire cheering up and motivating Jerry at the end of the game.
  • Nightmare Fuel: THE VIRUS! Especially in the updated 1.0.3 version.
  • That One Boss: The Twin Bloom. Dear gods, the Twin Bloom.
  • That One Level: Almost all of the final levels, most definitely.

Subjective tropes in Saved Game:

  • Continuity Lock-Out: Many plot points and references don't make much sense if the player hasn't completed the previous two games in the series.
  • That One Level: The Water Temple in Gate 2. It is a labyrinthine dungeon full of complex water-shifting puzzles that can take a very long time to fully wrap your head around. Reading the Dev Comment in the skull fish enemy scan reveals that this is exactly what was aimed for.