YMMV: Disney's Nine Old Men

  • Awesome Art: Their modus operandi, especially in the forties and fifties.
  • Funny Moments: Ward Kimball and Milt Kahl - the former known for his extreme practical jokes - once pulled a very elaborate stunt, involving their friendly but intense professional rivalry, at a Disney studio party. While Kimball was playing on-stage with his side-project jazz band, the Firehouse Five, Kahl got up from his table, screamed "I can't stand that shitty damn music!", and fired a revolver loaded with blanks at him. Ward, in on the joke, clutched his chest - squeezing out the container of ketchup hidden under his shirt - and collapsed, covered in fake blood. The crowd erupted in panic. (It should be noted that, yes, there were families in attendance - Milt himself had brought his wife and children.)
    • Kahl had a similar, thought less-friendly, rivalry with Marc Davisnote  and once threw him out of his office screaming "YOU COULDN'T DRAW YOUR OWN ASS!!" An hour and a half later, Davis returned to Kahl's office with a perfectly rendered drawing of his own posterior.