YMMV: Disney's Nine Old Men

  • Awesome Art: Their modus operandi, especially in the forties and fifties.
  • Funny Moment: Ward Kimball and Milt Kahl - the former known for his extreme practical jokes - once pulled a very elaborate stunt, involving their friendly but intense professional rivalry, at a Disney studio party. While Kimball was playing on-stage with his side-project jazz band, the Firehouse Five, Kahl got up from his table, screamed "I can't stand that shitty damn music!", and fired a revolver loaded with blanks at him. Ward, in on the joke, clutched his chest - squeezing out the container of ketchup hidden under his shirt - and collapsed, covered in fake blood. The crowd erupted in panic. (It should be noted that, yes, there were families in attendance - Milt himself had brought his wife and children.)
    • One day, during a very heated argument at the studio, one of the NOM yelled at Milt "You couldn't draw your own ass!" Karl quietly excused himself, went to his office and returned ten minutes later with a flawless drawing of his own posterior.