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YMMV: Disney
  • Internet Backdraft: Due to the Disney Channel cranking out teenybopper sitcoms and pop stars.
    • Disney Hatedom often ranges from accusations of Walt Disney anti-semitism, to their Disneyfication of fairy tales, to "not being Looney Tunes".
    • Disney's acquisition of Marvel Comics and Star Wars has been met with ire from both fandoms. There are many Disney fans that feel these were only bought to make the company an even bigger Cash Cow Franchise, and to cater to the male demographic since the Disney Princess franchise has overtaken the company. While Marvel and Star Wars fans fear that Disney will drastically change the storyline and characters, and apply Disneyfication to everything else.
    • When Disney announced that Toontown Online was closing, the roars of Ruined FOREVER were prominent. Thankfully, with Toontown Rewritten on the line, it's died down.

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