YMMV / Disaster: Day of Crisis

  • Cliché Storm : Look at the tropes attached to action and disaster movies ; they're almost all here. Although this may be somewhat parodic, see Lampshade Hanging.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Despite his fate already revealed through every trailer released, Steve ends up being decently liked for his level-headedness and sympathetic reasoning for the short time he gets on-screen.
  • Game-Breaker : Modifying your weapons makes disposing of mooks effortless.
  • Memetic Mutation: For a short while, people were going "DIZASTTAAAAA!!!" after the Japanese commercials were aired.
  • So Bad, It's Good
  • That One Achievement : The Boss Killer titles as well as the Shadow Men titles.
  • That One Boss : Every boss has the ability to become this when obtaining when trying to obtain the titles, since to obtain them you can't take a single point of damage when fighting them.
    • In normal gameplayThe Bear and Evans especially since both have instant kill moves if you are too slow to react.
    • Banks due to his unpredictability while battling him, he uses turrets, a machine gun, grenades as well as a move where he grabs you and if you don't shake him of fast enough you will lose a lot of health - which is a problem since depending on your skill level in this game, may have used most of your healing resources while trying to reach him.
  • That One Level : Nearly every single driving mission can and will make you pull out your hair.
    • The Escort Mission since you have to go backwards and forwards throughout the level traversing through ash and poison gas and carrying Iris makes you move more slowly than normal so if you screw up you die. Some point in the level Iris goes missing and then you fight The Bear.
  • Wangst : Ray.