YMMV: Dinosaurs Attack!

  • Crosses the Line Twice: And old lady being threatened by a giant monster: not funny. An old lady watching in horror as her cats are messily devoured by a giant monster: big time, not funny. An old lady pulling out a rifle and blasting the face of a giant monster who was threatening her and her cats into Ludicrous Gibs? Comedy gold.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Along with some fairly gruesome deaths within the cards, there is the back of card #52: "The Ultimate Sacrifice".
    • Of course, the YMMV factor comes from the aforementioned corniness of said deaths; even the latter example just looks like the dude is orgasming.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Any mundane scenario that you're in - going to bed, riding the subway, being in class - is just ripe for interruption by horrific dinosaur attack. The fact that it makes no sense at all (trilobites eating people's eyes?!) is little comfort.