YMMV / Digimon World Data Squad

  • Anvilicious: After you get the Fishing String from Commander Sampson, he starts lecturing about the dangers of leaving synthetic fishing string in the nature. It comes out of nowhere and hardly fits into the mood of the game, given that the Digimon franchise isn't exactly known for its Green Aesops.
  • Complete Monster: Lucemon is The Man Behind the Man for both Tsukasa Kagura and Creepymon. The king of the Dark Area and the Chao-Mao Digimon, he's orchestrated everything in the plot by manipulating Kagura's feelings of jealousy to do whatever it took to revive himself. Through him, Lucemon made sure five children throughout the world were merged with one of the Code Keys of the Seven Deadly Sins to create Mao Digimon, The Great Demon Lords. He also has Creepymon attack Kosaburo Katsura and Biyomon to retrieve the Code Keys he's attained. After Creepymon assaults DATS HQ but is defeated, it's revealed Creepymon was made of a former DATS member Masaki Nitta, who was aware of his situation but unable to stop himself, and cannot go back to being human, essentially dying as data before his daughter. When Kagura finally releases the seal on Lucemon, he betrays Kagura and tells him how he deceived the scientist. After absorbing Kagura, Code of Key of Pride himself, Lucemon flees, but not before spreading the influence of the Dark Area. An evil Digimon who deemed himself infinite, immortal, and absolute, Lucemon is a remorseless Omnicidal Maniac who desired to engulf everything in the Dark Area.
  • Game-Breaker: The "Set" Guard abilities, each of which sets a certain stat of a Digimon to a certain number. A ridiculously low number, mind you. And the bosses are not immune to them. You can humiliate even the final boss by making his stats a fraction of what they are supposed to be and then pummeling away.
  • Took a Level in Badass: By way of technicality. For the earlier episodes of Digimon Data Squad, Yoshino either lost every battle she was innote  or never got a chance to digivolve Lalamon, even during her focus episodenote . Here, game-overs notwithstanding, Yoshino and Lalamon can win every battle they're in your active party.