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YMMV: Digimon World 2
  • Anti-Climax Boss: The Chaos Lord built up to be the evil prince of Digimon that the humans were forced to flee to another continent from. Yeah he's just a Machinedramon Palette Swap who spends most of the fight guarding or using weak moves. Doesn't help that he's fighting alone in a game where 3 on 3 battles are standard. Neo-Crimson isn't much better.
  • Awesome Music: First Boss Battle/Rival Battles
  • Game Breaker: Attacks that cause Confusion. Confused Digimon attack themselves or their allies. If you confuse all 3 of your opponents, you win. The only way to fix Confusion (Well, players can use items, but the computer can't) is with the Friendly Fire attack, which the computer is rarely seen using.
    • This would be the case if confusion didn't wear off whenever it wanted too. And it will usually wear off for the computer before it would a player, sometimes on the same turn it was confused.
      • You can also avoid damaging yourself or your team if you instruct the confused Digimon to use an 'interrupt' attack. It will attack the same way a non-confused Digimon will.
    • The attack Duo Scissor Claw is the real game breaker here. It lowers the defense and damages an entire enemy team at the same time.
  • Nightmare Fuel: OverLord Gaia's Face shows only for a split second, but getting a good glance at it makes you realize how evil he really looks, even sporting a permanent Slasher Smile.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: See Level Grinding, Luck-Based Mission and Game Breaker.
    • Among others, recruiting certain Digimon. It requires you to fire gifts at them in the field. Then battle and defeat them, but the gifts are separated by the three types. Only the team the player chose will have gifts available for that type. It isn't until the device dome that the player can reliably get Digimon of the other two types and even then you're restricted to low-level gifts for a large part of the game.
      • Also, due to the aforementioned variation in enemy Digimon movement, depending on the kind of Digimon you want, it can be really hard to be able to fire enough gifts to get them to join you, as they move towards you too fast. Unless you happen to catch them stuck behind a trap, but that's very luck-based.

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