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YMMV: Die 2 Nite
  • Broken Base: Not in the normal sense, but the community is split into the German, French and English versions and intentionally kept divided by the developers. Having an account on more than on version is a bannable offence, mainly since, in practice, GIFT proved that the first thing most people would do with it is troll the other country's forums with tasteless World War II jokes.
  • Crazy Awesome: The game itself as well as every single player. You fight and kill zombies with Joke Weapons, build odd and surprisingly effective town defences, and survive off of food and drugs that would make a goat puke its guts out. Then, once you finally die, a shaman can use your soul to protect your friends while you get reincarnated in a brand new town.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Eating human remains in this game normally gives the player an infection, but drinking bottles of booze that contain human remains never does. Why? Both of these drinks are extreme Gargle Blasters, they contain more than enough alcohol to kill the virus before you ever get your hands on them!
  • Nightmare Fuel: The death screens are the only ones in which your character is depicted realistically instead of a sprity little man.Other than bordering on the Uncanny Valley, it can be quite shocking to get this screen for the first time.And that's the most common and not even the least messy of all the possible deaths.
    • Some of the possible constructions you can build are pretty disturbing, such as the Meat Locker, Screaming Saws, and Zombie Grater...
    • Season 6 gives us a new item in the form of a dead body that can be found in the wasteland called a traveler's corpse. It can be quite jarring to be expecting a new weapon or maybe a useful tool and instead find yourself unearthing one of these grotesque things. Even worse, it can be carried around with you and eaten which reduces it to a pile of bones and has a high chance of turning the player into a ghoul. What is a ghoul you might ask? A half zombie monster that has to feed on the other citizens or starve to death... and there isn't any way to tell a normal citizen apart from a ghoul until it kills someone...
  • Paranoia Fuel: Used both blantantly and subtly throughout the game. Going too far outside the town can land the player right smack in the middle of a zombie horde. The various texts and blurbs that appear sometimes invoke this as well. Even the town itself isn't completely safe... any of the 39 other players could betray everyone by poisoning items, opening the gate, stealing valuble resources and much more...
    • Season 6 has introduced ghouls, which are half human and half zombie. They need to kill and feed on human flesh to survive, but show no outward signs aside from immunity to infection and a few other symptoms that are easy to miss. Even worse, a ghoul is rewarded with hero days for killing and devouring normal residents, giving them plenty of reasons to betray their town. Even people who play with a coalition could have their best friends turn on them on the first day with some poor luck...
  • Tear Jerker: All 3 parts of the "Motherhood" roleplay text. If you thought Die 2 Nite was just a wacky zombie game that was fun to play and not at all serious you'll change your mind after reading this... It tells the story of a little boy whose mother was injured and infected. He leaves her in the tent and goes about the day... only to come back to find her zombiefied. It ends with her melting after being splashed with the poor kids water ration.
    • "Dear Diary" as well. It might make you think twice before bringing a rusty chain back to town or spending AP on a Gallows...

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