YMMV / Diary of the Dead

  • Anvilicious: It swings between New Media Are Evil and Old Media Are Evil
    • It tends to lean toward the former the majority of the time.
  • Broken Base: The fourth film hit some rough patches with a few fans, but this film either condemns or redeems Romero in their eyes. It's either a return to Romero's independent roots, or yet another poor "guy records horror" film with morals even more Anvilicious than the previous film.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Samuel, the most badass Amish man to grace a Romero film. Tracy as well for being a Southern Belle Action Girl.
  • Narm: The documentary being named The Death of Death.
  • The Scrappy: Jason is not well liked by fans. Mainly because when Tracy is being attacked by zombies, he just films instead of y'know helping her. It does lead to an Awesome Damsel out of Distress moment but still...