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YMMV: Devilman Lady
  • Complete Monster: In a series filled to the brim with man-eating monsters you might think that such a term is redundant. However, a few characters stand out in their villainy.
    • Mr. Ogawa, Jun's colleague at the school. He uses his students as part of a prostitution ring and sexually abuses them himself whenever he's in the mood, all beneath the veneer of a respected and dedicated teacher. As a Devil Beast he commits a number of brutal murders, including one of his students. After raping Asuka and being defeated by Jun he is seemingly fatally stabbed by one of his students (whom he had abused)... only to later reappear as a test subject at the Samuelson Institute. He pathetically begs for help, but changes his tune when he recognises Asuka and tries to rape her again, only to be subdued by the Devilman security guards. As Asuka explains to Jun, he had always been evil even as a human. It's no wonder that after her second encounter with Ogawa she tells Dr. Jason to continue using him as a guinea pig "until he dies."
    • Okuda the school bully. He and his friend Uno go around extorting money from those weaker than them. However, his idea of raping and murdering Jun and Asuka is too much even for Uno, who promptly abandons him and ends their friendship. Later, Okuda and his gang try to rape Mita's friend while goading Mita to join in. Until that point the reader is led to believe that Okuda is the Devil Beast of the chapter. As it is, he is far more demonic than the real Devil Beast, Mita, which is reminiscent of the original Devilman manga's Humans Are Bastards message.
  • Squick: Take your pick of any episode.
  • True Art Is Angsty
  • The Woobie: Oh, dear lord, Jun
  • Unfortunate Implications: Oh boy...

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