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YMMV: Devilman Lady
  • Complete Monster: Lan Asuka from the anime is revealed as the Big Bad of the series and to have been manipulating the heroine Jun the whole time. First awakening Jun's powers as a monstrous Devil Beast by letting another attack and try to rape and eat Jun, Asuka formed a lust towards Jun's alter-ego of Devilman Lady and constantly toyed with her and her friends. Asuka manipulated conflicts throughout the series between humans and the mostly peaceful Devil Beasts, resulting in camps formed to hold and exterminate all the Devil Beasts. Asuka lured Jun to her and revealed her true intent: despising the world and all in it, Asuka had been born both male and female. Her ultimate goal was to use Jun to become a new God of the world. Asuke paralyzed Jun and then, demanding Jun 'prove' her love for Asuka, raped a traumatized and terrified Jun before informing her Jun had been born solely for her and would now die for her before disposing of her. When Jun returned, the newly deified Asuka mocked her, saying being perfect was too good for a 'hideous creature' like Jun before trying to destroy her in their final battle. Valuing her own ego above all else, Asuka was a manipulative and cruel embodiment of lust, cruelty and selfishness.
  • Squick: Take your pick of any episode.
  • True Art Is Angsty
  • The Woobie: Oh, dear lord, Jun
  • Unfortunate Implications: Oh boy...

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