YMMV / Detroit Rock City

  • Acceptable Religious Targets: Every single Christian character in this movie is portrayed in a negative light, whether it's Jam's overbearing bible-thumping mom, the hypocritical headmaster of the religious school who steals from the donation box to pay for his pizza, or the perverted priest who tries to get Jam to confess some steamy sex stories.
  • Fridge Horror: Trip's idiocy may be mild brain damage caused by his mom using psychoactive drugs while she was pregnant with him (Lex mentions near the start of the movie "At least my mom didn't give birth to me while she was on LSD" and Trip corrects him by saying "Shrooms!").
  • Harsher in Hindsight: When the film was being hyped before release, there was a large uproar that this would be THE film to bring rock music back into the mainstream. It never happened. The film bombed, but even so, rock had lost popularity to rap and other genres of music throughout the 90s, and even to this day it's still not regained the mainstream appeal it had in the 60s through the 80s- likely made worse by the recent rise in Dubstep, EDM and many other formats.
  • Retroactive Recognition: The dark-haired disco girl in the Trans-Am is Sloan.
  • The Woobie: Jam. His mom makes his life so miserable that it's impossible not to feel sorry for him.