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YMMV: DesuDesBrigade
  • Acceptable Lifestyle Targets: The Brigade often showed playful vitriol against furries. In one DesuRattle, Prof even called them "pervs".
  • Base Breaker: Hitch is either a fairly good reviewer or the worst thing to come to the site to most.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Rabbit's brief appearance on Pocky Spot has been met with requests to give her more to do on it.
    • Before her was JesuOtaku, due to the fact that she's the most successful of them (reviewing on D2, YouTube, That Guy with the Glasses, & ANN to name a few).
    • Miku. Not unexpected given her real life celebrity status in Japan and on the web, but apparently a HUGE amount of fans wanted her back.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The jokes about JO's busy schedule and Vixen wanting to leave/kill the Brigade get hard to laugh at after the disbandment.
    • Arkada is now in another anime group called Podaku, and in their 1-year-anniversary podcast, they mention this old group as "that site that shall not be named". ... "left on good terms", huh?
    • The Ex-Brigadiers' decision to keep the site alive past its expiration as "proof of the Brigade's existence and what they did all those years" feels like a moot point now that Blip has decided to remove pretty much every old thing made by their producers. This has led to the untimely deaths of "Pocky Spot" and "DesuRattle", two of the most loved segments from the Brigade.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: Prof. Otaku seems to get this, especially since he panned Toradora!.
  • Ho Yay / Les Yay: Vixen and JesuOtaku had a catfight, slept on the same bed at ACEN and the entire brigade once discussed who would be the top in a "relationship" between them. Arkada apparently kept it going between him and Prof, and it's also thoroughly lampshaded by practically everyone.
    • Can I get the links? Pretty please?
    • Dear God, Vixen and Rabbit. The Issho Ni review had them naked in the bath togethernote , and La Blue Girl had Vixen addressing Rabbit as "hon". It doesn't help that they live together.
      • In the Maid-Sama! review, Vix actually does call Rabbit a lesbian due to their objective views on Takumi (well, that, and the fact that Rabbit actually is gay [1]).
  • Moral Event Horizon: Hitch lending Vixen Sailor And The 7 Ballz is being treated as one (at least in the comments).
  • Moe: Rabbit
  • Nightmare Fuel: Hitch's ACEN Introduction: "YOU ARE GONNA FUCKING LOVE ME!"
    • Ark's expression when he says "Nuke" at the end of Hitch's review of Princess Tutu.
    • Vixen's hysterical laughter and Steven's furious ranting at the end of their review of New Moon. They look like they're five seconds away from a permanent mental breakdown.
  • The Scrappy: Hitch to some.
  • Tear Jerker: All of the goodbye videos.
    • Arkada's and Vixen's in particular.
    • Prof revealing that he "loved working with the Brigade". No sarcasm. No jokes. No tears even. He just cheerfully and calmly states that he loved working with these guys. Just goes to show that under that gruff, exasperated exterior, the man really does care.
    • JO's was probably the most heartbreaking of all of them because that was the moment when it became very, very clear that she had just... moved on.

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