YMMV / Desperation

  • Complete Monster: Tak, a monstrous, incorporeal entity released from the Desperation mining pits, runs amok in the titular town, gruesomely slaughtering almost everyone who lives there and taking one of the local police as a host. When other people near Desperation, Tak murders one young woman's husband and the Carver family's 7-year-old daughter, before steadily slaughtering the survivors for fun. Realizing that Kirsten's 12-year-old brother David has been sent by God to stop him, Tak stops at nothing to murder the boy after killing his entire family, intending on spreading his influence throughout the world by destroying whatever stands in his path.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: One character is called Peter Jackson, five years before the film director became famous after directing Lord of the Rings. Lampshaded in the movie, made in 2006.