YMMV / Delta Goodrem

  • Awesome Music: Mistaken Identity, Child Of The Universe are amazing albums.
    • Innocent Eyes is a pop classic and is in one in every three houses in Australia.
    • The "Innocent Eyes" piano solo at her Believe Again tour is extremely impressive.
    • "Waiting For Forever," and most of her b-sides/leaks are pretty awesome. Such as "Beautiful Madness," "The Riddle," "Take Me Home," "Fever," "On My Own," "Without Words," "I'll Be Yours," "Silence Be Heard," "How A Dream Looks," "Turn You Away" and "Hollow No More."
    • Child Of the Universe has regained her many fans for returning to her traditional way of working, fan favourites include "War On Love", "Touch", "Hypnotized", "Speed Of Life" and "Hunters And the Wolves."
  • Bizarro Episode: Her third album reads like this in hindsight. Imagine, Delta writing songs which are separate from her story and life, intentionally, picking random songs which she doesn't really feel, singing in an extremely unnatural CÚline Dion-immatator style, and it has only 12 tracks compared to the rest of her discography, and more.
  • Broken Base: In Three different sorts:
    • Those who love her music and anticipate a new release, but don't really discuss it much vs. those who love her music, want a new release and express a feverish need for each album she puts out vs. those who don't really care, but insist they are fans.
    • She also has a separation between her American fans who liked her Delta persona and her Self-Titled Album of Genre Roulette Pop. Then they are those who knew her before and love her first two albums.
  • Contractual Purity: Both averted and played straight, depends on how much you like her. People know she's not entirely innocent, but she hasn't lost her purity in the public eye entirely yet. Despite some evidence to prove she's not the angel she depicts herself to be.
  • Covered Up: Her version of "I Don't Care" was technically not the first; it was recorded & released by Angela Vía a year earlier (and similarly, barely made a chart dent). Angela's version is often mistaken as Delta's online, despite the difference in vocal style.
  • Ear Worm: "Innocent Eyes", "Hunters and the Wolves", "When My Stars Come Out", "Take Me Home", "You Will Only Break My Heart", "Born To Try", "Fever", "Electric Storm", "Miscommunication" and "A Little Too Late" are all catchy.
  • Ending Fatigue:
    • There is a 50 second intro and outro to "Believe Again", both which could be cut in half and still have that build and release she was looking for, without making the song really hard to play casually and as over the top and insincere.
    • Control of Child Of The Universe could easily end at 3:19 but goes on for 42 extra seconds.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Some of her fans have had fun recently deleting Brian Mcfadden related songs and otherwise deleting his presence in her life for a good 7 years. Only the songs they did together, or he made her write as love songs for him. The song after the break up are quiet awesome though.
  • Faux Symbolism: "Believe Again", the music video. Starting from the second verse...First she's in the rock, almost naked, like a mermaid, but not, then she's on the rock, in a ripped cat suit, now she's in a big dress, which is flowy in the center of a broken circle, with her eyes decidedly closed... and it continues.
  • Heartwarming Moments / Sweet Dreams Fuel: "Sanctuary". A song about true friendship
    Just like the glorious northern star you guided me
    Shining a light of pure tranquility
    To a secret place where no-one else could go
    Free to reveal the things I never show
    • '"Butterfly", "Visualise", "Beautiful Madness", "How A Dream Looks, "Turn You Away", "Angels In The Room", "Rise", "Hypnotized", "Safe To Believe", "Out Of the Blue", and "You Are My Rock" are also this
    • Her relationship with her adopted little sister "Racheal Leahcar" and her song written about her called "Shooting Star" warmed many hearts.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "Sometimes You've got to give up the things you like" in "Born To Try", bam, has 3 year breaks between albums, is a Serial Romeo and focuses on her boyfriends, gives up every time she actually gets somewhere, hides when backlash happens, moves countries cuz the press is "MEAN" "and that's never happened to anyone before"...et cetera.
    • "Predictable", has taken a rather sinister second meaning since the revelations about Brian's behavior towards Delta.
    • "This Is Not Me" has also darker implications after the revelations with the Child Of The Universe album and applies to her life more so, just like the Predictable example above.
    • "Bare Hands", "Not Me Not I", "In My Own Time", "Running Away" also get so much darker, as does certain elements in "In This Life", "Brave Face" and "Believe Again".
  • Mis-blamed: As mentioned in the main page, her third album got some executive meddling in it and or outside help where it wasn't needed, that backfired. Five years later, her fourth album has the notion that her recording company have been sitting on it for over a year and was planning to be released anywhere between late 2010 and late 2012, but due to issues, some of which she can't control, it hasn't come out yet. Both are examples where she got blame, and she may not have earnt ALL of it.
  • Narm/Narm Charm: "Believe Again"
    I'd lost my faith in love, now I believe again
    My heart was a broken place, now I feel whole again
    You bring me honesty,and that's worth believing in
    and I believe, I believe again
    • "Sitting On Top Of the World"
  • Nightmare Fuel: "God Laughs" would fall into this for the calmness in the music contrasting to the rather painful circumstances the song is about.
  • Protection from Editors: The only reason, combined with self-inflicted Development Hell she hasn't released a new album in the last four years.
  • Pandering to the Base: The Delta 07 Album was written to go over well in America, with heavy beats and impersonal lyrics—but didn't catch on. Delta also altered her albums a couple of times to release them in other countries, sometimes mixing up her first two albums (As was the case in China and America) or removing a personal song and adding her signature song to a tracklist and remixing a few tracks to a more "Updated" sound.
  • Rewatch Bonus: She highlighted the word: FREEDOM and "That's Freedom" seem even more meaningful in hindsight after the Believe Again tour which it was featured as she was not free at the time, but Now she is.
  • Seasonal Rot: Generally accepted to had happened between Mistaken Identity and Delta, music, songwriting and integrity wise, fixed by the time Child Of the Universe" came out.
  • Signature Song: "Born To Try", "Not me Not I" and "Innocent Eyes" are considered her most iconic songs.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: "Nobody Listened"
    Like a train, off the rails, to you
    • She is not a perfect person and does get angry and does not have complete control over her life the whole time...
    • "Waiting For Forever", yes, Delta does still feel angry about issues with disillusioning situations unknown. (Either her breakup with Brian McFadden or her recording company delaying her album for a year.)
    • Child Of the Universe dropped some heavy anvils about breaking her heart or betraying her, leading her to betray herself and responding with Revenge songs. The album also explains why it took so look to come out and the benefits of taking time to heal and evolve and find yourself again.
    • Innocent Eyes drops some aesops about growing up and staying true to yourself. "Butterfly" celebrates friendship...
    • Mistaken Identity celebrates acknowledging weakness and having a good support system.
  • Tear Jerker: "Not Me Not I" to name one!
    • "Extraordinary Day", "Butterfly", "Lost Without You", "This is Not Me", "In My Own Time," "Last Night On Earth"
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: "Believe Again" could be accused of this.
  • Yoko Oh No: To Brian Mcfadden; she was called a home-wrecker.
    • Also got crap for her relationship with Mark Philippoussis.
    • And her romance with Nick Jonas, by Jonas Brothers fans in general and "Nick has true love with Miley Cyrus" fangirls.
    • Nick Jonas also caught flack from Delta fans for distracting her from her creative ouput.
  • What Could Have Been: The three or four albums/Ep's of work she has pushed aside for Child of the Universe. Some of it must've been amazing and now it's gone due to circumstances which don't make much sense...
    • Before "I Don't Care" and being signed to Sony, she recorded an album's worth of demos for indie Empire Records in 1999-2000 (also tentatively titled "Delta"). While she was recovering from cancer in 2004, her parents fought against having it released, eventually settling out of court. The Other Wiki has more information.
  • Vindicated by History: Mistaken Identity did get some quiet backlash, subtle criticism, negative feed back and was considered to be a "Cluttered" record when it was released, but after the Delta album came out in 2007 it became a universal fan favourite. It is now seen as an honest, thought provoking, beautiful, whimsical, passionate, aggressive, thoughtful, deep, heart felt album and was true to what a natural, true Delta Goodrem album is. It basically became more real to her fans as her fans grew up.