YMMV / Deliver Us From Evil Series

  • Like You Would Really Do It: Some fans said this when Holmes disappeared for several chapters and was believed dead - however, the reaction was hardly apathetic. During the fact, the reaction was desperate; after the fact, it was relieved. Apparently, quite a few readers were genuinely scared for Holmes.
  • OTP: Lestrade/Annie. To the surprise of the author, Annie Lestrade quickly became a popular character, and one reviewer even referred to Geoffrey and Annie's marriage as an OTP.
  • Uncanny Valley: Inspector Patterson seems to invoke this reaction in some readers. If you go back through some of the earlier reviews, you can find reviews that say that Patterson is too much like Holmes... which is exactly the effect the author was going for.
  • The Woobie: Pick any page of the FFN reviews, and you'll find loads of sympathy (and sometimes even tears) for Sherlock most of all, Watson secondly, and Mycroft thirdly. Lestrade and Wiggins get honorable mentions for having almost as much angst as Mycroft.