YMMV / Deadly Games

  • Designated Hero: Follow me on this one—so this guy, some dork who can't keep a friend or girlfriend to save his life, blames literally EVERY PERSON HE EVER MET for his own failures. Wracked by his own impotence and feelings of insecurity, he designs a special power fantasy video game to KILL them in virtual reality, including his FATHER. Meanwhile the main (massive quotation marks) "hero" of the game is...him. Him as a kind of vigilante or assassin, modeled after an action hero, and the Distressed Damsel he saves is his EX, thus handily explaining why she is his ex now. So when his further incompetence releases virtually indestructible killer robots into the real world modeled after these characters, only then does he realize he made an oppsie-daisy and tries to stop them. It's the plot to Virtuosity if Denzel's character was played by the titular character from Dexter's Laboratory, and Dexter was a sociopath.
    • Again, let's put this into perspective: a guy in high school who got laid more than Gus, he turned into a character in a VR game he could KILL REPEATEDLY with water because his real life version never learned to swim...a fact Gus latched on to, in the hopes of feeling in some small way superior. So, still fuming from some high school slight, Gus has created a version of a guy he felt wronged him with a weakness that means he has to DROWN HIM repeatedly. For fun. Drown a man, for fun. Because high school. Ok...