YMMV / Dead Space: Downfall

  • Nightmare Fuel: The scene in which Dr. Kyne is observing the Marker then looks up into the ceiling to see a Necromorph has been watching him from the air duct. It stares back for a moment, then scuttles off into the bowels of the ship. Doubles as Paranoia Fuel.
    • After communications with the Aegis Colony is lost, Colin Barrow heads into the colony to check on his wife, only to find out that the entire place has been ground zero for a massacre. As he searches for his wife, his partner vanishes during a blackout (Considering that the events of the colony was recent at that time, his fate, assumed or not, wouldn't be surprising.) he then finds his wife, who is delirious and ends up killing herself. He takes her back into his ship and heads off to the Ishimura, unknowing that The Virus has also sneaked onboard and turned his dead wife, who then kills him and makes him crash into the Ishimura's hull. Which kickstarts the outbreak on the ship.