YMMV / Dead Head Fred

  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • On one occasion, you have to bribe the morgue attendant to gain access in.
    Morgue Attendant: If you slip me $100, I'll make sure you get some time with the corpses, if you get my meaning
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The player is often fighting with the camera more often than the mutants and monsters.
    • Head-Switching could also get problematic in the heat of combat. The Dummy head is only good for socialising, and getting your plastic face punched in.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • Glass Keys and Nuke Nuggets, both of them basically force you to go through the entire game again to find all required items, which quickly becomes a Guide Dang It!.
    • The mission "Sing'n'fishin' placards" has no hints, no checkpoints, and plenty of insta-kill traps.